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Hi all..
how many seats for HU OBCs in Syd. MMS & PGDBM..?
I am an OBC candidate,My home univ is mumbai and my revised final merit rank is 33...can i hope to get into syd. mms or pgdbm..?

My State General Merit No643

University General Merit No492

University Category Merit No26 .

(Out of 240) 144

wud i get into Sydenham..?

hi i got 144/200 and percentile 98.78
am an obc candidate frm home univ.

what are my chances for jbims..?

hi there...
i have my gd pi scheduled on 5th june..evening session...
can anyone tell me the topics askd till now...?

man u have a definite chance for JB
so cheers for u

hi i am a mumbai uni 119 marks 97.14 % , acad marks 4...what are my chances..? 119 marks...97.14 this an ok score..?