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Hi all, I'd appreciate some help with the following queries:

1. What is the capacity of the hostels in Mumbai and Bengaluru?

2. Is accommodation on twin sharing basis? Or one student per room? (Or worse - three per room??)

3. Are hostel feels to be paid similarly in instalments? (Monthly / quarterly or session wise?) Or are they to be paid upfront for the year?

4. What is the time frame for payment of the first instalment of tuition fees? Do we have to pay the first instalment within a very short period? Or do we have 2~ weeks to arrange for the money?

5. I read on some thread that a candidate was accepted in the second waitlist! Now if the first list is expected in the last week of May and if the term starts on 29th June (read on some thread), that leaves very little time for two waitlists, each getting a 2-week window for paying the first fees! Can anyone confirm / clarify on this issue? This is very dicey for those who have to worry about serving notice periods at work!

My background: My CAT score was 96 and I have ~4 yrs work exp. My GD/PI went very well, but my acads are very poor and I'm worried that that, plus my age (you can all call me 'uncle' ) will dim my chances.

Thanks Deep I did mail them, and Bangalore replied saying that it is alright.

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I don't think it'll be a problem. The name is yours right.... So it won't matter However, if you wanna confirm, then mail them.

PS: In fact i think even i have done the same.

Thanks Deep! I have already mailed them. And Bangalore replied saying that it will not be a problem. Thanks again
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Hey All!

I have made a mistake while filling up my Form for CAT 2007. In box 12, where we need to write the full name and address, I have entered my name in the format "firstname lastname" instead of the format "lastname firstname father's name" as it is in box 1. Will it be a problem? Will i have to buy a new form??

Please help me out here.

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Hell! The butterflies in my stomach are killing me!! Cant move from in front of the comp and TV!!! Anyways, ATB PuYs!!!

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All the best guys! Tomorrow is the D-Day... By the way, will all the IIMs comeout with their lists tomorrow? Any info?

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hi everyone

Check out this useful link for interview questions in economics/gen awareness


This link doesnt work.

Can anyone help with the updated link?

Or if anyone has the content from that link, please past it here or send me a PM.

Hi all,

Could anyone share the date of the starting of the session?

I need to know this asap since in my present job I need to give a notice before quitting.

(Typically this is just a one month notice, but it may vary depending upon the urgency of the project on hand.)