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Dear all,

Below is the link to the official facebook group of JBIMS Batch of 2012-14:

You can request to join this group by filling up the form below:

Hey Ajinkya, it would be really helpful if people just on the border can also be added to the fb group...wouldnt want to miss out on all the interaction over the next month
My Mumbai HU Rank in open category is 42
Really hopeful of converting

For the Mumbai HU Open candidates, two people in the top 38 not taking
One going to IIM A, another to XLRI
So till 40 is in
My rank 42
Aur info mile toh kindly post


Confirmed news: One person from top 38 joining IIM A
So, Mumbai HU Rank 39 is in :biggrin:
My Mumbai HU Rank 42


Final Result 138+11+13+4 = 166
State Rank 51
Home University Rank(Mumbai) 42
If anyone has knowledge about people from the top 38 not joining, please post

What is the last waitlist number?
Has any rejected person converted?
Would be so amazing for the rejects with zero hope to convert now

Can someone plz check my total roll no is 5803841...would help me greatly...thanks

Terrorism is a nihilistic way to curtail good being and fight for one's own rights. Any person who is well trained with arms and knows a two about battle can be turned into a terrorist for wrong reasons. This is what happens in Central Asia and Arab countries. The wrong means are taught and terrorism as a mode to achieve aims is induced. Once a person is trained and successfully cultivates some missions he is a highly probable mentor for a lot of young kids who may not even have any knowledge of alternate means. This cycle repeats and a lot of terrorism is promoted. It is definitely difficult to control since we have seen major terrorist activity occurring in last decade that even great Britain and US were able to stop.

We need a way to hit at the root if we want to cure it. Children should be taught the right means and ways. And of utmost importance is to bring equality on the globe along with proper education as uneducated and backward people are the most vulnerable to such inhuman measures. With equality and education we can definitely counter terrorism.

The most common virus that comes to mind is the common cold virus. No cure for common cold has been found which makes it very difficult to prevent. We end up taking medicine to cover up the symptoms and hope and pray that the virus leaves our body soon.

This is similar to the scourge of terrorism and the manner in which we are handling terrorism. We're attacking the symptoms trying to prevent them from ballooning whereas we're not interested in the root cause because we think that it is incurable. Take the recent example of the Maoist abductions of an MLA, a collector, and two Italians. We were left with no choice but to release terrorists in order to secure back the hostages. We were so drawn into the circumstance that we failed to see the larger implications of our actions. India is a terror prone country. We're not like the U.S. where a single terror strike happens and the U.S. forces take such decisive actions that no terror attack has happened in that country in a decade. U.S. has shown that terrorism can be contained and prevented from spreading if we so desire. It's upto us to take decisive actions and strict security and developmental measures to ensure terrorists do not succeed in achieving what they want. Once they stop getting what they aim to achieve by means of terror, the terrorists would have no aim in life.
"NO NOT YET", Our Economies policies are crippling our growth. And to add one it is the latest report by global credit rating agency S&P; , it downgraded India's rating outlook from stable to negative . i.e from BBB+ to BBB- , they clearly said that our low growth rate , high fiscal deficit , high inflation , and widening CAD (current account deficit) in the prevailing economic environment are the main cause of concern..
Indian policies makers inability to work toward key reforms and initiate cut down in the y-o-y increasing subsidies are the key parameters , on which our economic advisers and experts need to focus.
We must keep in mind that , policies are not made to please anyone , but to bring change.


When the Chief Economic Advisor was addressing an academic forum a few days back he said something to the tune of 'No policy initiatives can be expected before 2014' It was implied that he was talking about the general elections and in some manner speaking about the problems of indecisiveness the current government is facing. With the opposition hell-bent on not co-operating on reforms like the GST and uncooperative allies blocking major reform initiatives like the FDI in retail, the current government is in a fix and just doesnt have the requisite numbers to bring about any far-reaching economic reforms. There is talk about how diesel should be de-regularised, how the coal monopoly of CIL should be done away with, and how regressive tax laws such as retrospectively taxing deals like the Vodafone case should be done away with. But amidst all these talks no result is forthcoming.

Further, the government is prematurely trying to convert India into a welfare state, and is treating welfare and economic reforms as a zero sum game which is not required. We can have both simultaneously, because funds for welfare schemes will only be raised by economic reforms. Thus, the urgent need of the day is to reduce the fiscal spending by means of subsidy reduction in fertilizer, food, and fuel which will in turn free up funds for the industry leading automatically to higher economic growth and reduced inflation.

As we move forward towards achieving a super-power status in the world it is important to bring about reforms that will propel us forward and let us have a say at the international table, a say that was ours in the ancient past and that will be ours again by the end of this century.
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Can we please separate BM and HR in the poll...The present options are not proving too useful

archanaraghu Says
Converted both BM and HRM

Congrats...which one are you joining?