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CAT     Fpm 2011
FPM is recognized by UGC to be equivalent to PHD, not only because a FPM has to write a thesis, but because the standard is equivalent (or perhaps better) than any PhD program(in management) possible in India.

A FPM cannot use 'Dr.' because he is not a PhD. In India, 'PhD' degree can be given by universities only and not by institutions. IITs are recognized as deemed university by UGC, but not IIMs. So IIT can give PhD, but not IIM.

"By the way, a quick glance at the faculty profiles of the IIMs reveals that majority of their faculties are PhDs from State Universities and very few have IIT or IIM background. This is also true of the permanent faculty of ISB.

When it comes to faculty recruitment, universities look at your thesis and publications first and then your university/institution.

It can very well be the case that a person may not have any good work or research papers during the course of his FPM while another person from a lesser known university may have international publications as well as a solid thesis.

Needless to say, the employability of the latter exceeds that of the former even if he is an IIM product."


whr can v fin ths info tht fpm is recgnzd as eqvlnt 2 phd as per UGC.??i doubt!!clarifications pls!

heyyyy guys n dolls...i m sitting in the lab right now. got an accomodation . FLAT at my home mount view apartments. 2bhk. shared among four. my section is 4 ....people pls come out with ur info ..sections,,,,addresses .... phone numbers ...
i m getting back to my place tomorrow ....will b back in june then ,,,,i have my final sen exams.c'mmon people chip in .

hey panks ...ur point is quite right there....but i think there s valid point in umpire's thinking also.
umpire ...see ,,,, ICFAI is nt a govt funded organisation....and it has a lot in the names of publications(cant say bout IILM / AMITY) .... the written matter it provides and its quality is the best among all the institutes i suppose. secondly ....the number of faculty members is also higher in IBS ...thats quite obvious as it has a larger batch size. And i told bunny also that the batch size doesnt matter till we all are given a fair chance to prove ourselves and sit in an open competition for placements,,,,, the other 799 people are not stopping me ffrom sitting in the competition .... the higher the competition the higher the quality u ll get ...isnt it??(well i think this way).
thirdly ...IBS takes keen interest in the overall personality developement and not just teaching business education. It has special and compulsory classes on soft skills .... IT ...etc ...moreover the cultural activities take place round the year for which the students dont pay extra.
all the study material is provided by the college itself and u have not to worry bout any other book.
he he he lagta hai maine kuch jyada hi bol diya ICFAI ki side mein ...hain na bunny?

chal bunny saari purani baatein bhula di maine...... aaj se hum dost.
i m vivek joining hyderabad centre. we r batchmates so will b regularly in touch. this will help us during internships and placement season.

hey bunny here we r nt thinkning bout our placements....cuz we know that we(all 800) r given equal opportunity to prove ourselves...i think u ll also get a chance in gurgaon to do the same...
so dnt worry ...just join the inst ...dnt think much of placement now..think bout ur performance now.

ha ha ha
hey BUGS BUNNY ,.,,, tum jab tak giroge nahi tab tak tumhe akal nahi ayegi wait for the time....thrs no point in carrying out the funny dicussion bunny
...funny bunny bugs bunny.....
wow i wish tum waise hi dikhte bhi hoge...ha ha ...lekin main he man jaisa nahi funda is that people around me shud b happy ....sp mr bugs bunny tum khush ho jao kyuki he man ka bro beiman tumse dar jata hai.. ...ha ha ...
lol....just imagine bugs bunny scaring he-man ...
chalo enuf ...lots of humour....mujhe koi personal enimity nahi hai yaar bunny ....we r a part of the same family ,....., koi baat nahi ... mujhe jab bhi tumhari galti dikhegi main zaroor point karunga one can stop me from doing this.... n this is natural that u ll justify urself...but wenevr u think that u have some free time then just go back at the PUNE thread and get towards the post where u criticised me and just temme the reason y u did that ,,,???anyways .,,,,i m nt botherd bout that .....just trying to make u realise ...anyways depends on u ...u feel it or not.

wow......bunny itna bhayanak hai ki woh mujhe dara deta hai aur main bhaag jata hun
lol..............he he he
gajab yaar bunny ,,,,, tum bilkul adilyal kism ke insaan ho jise maja aata hai jab log uske against jaate hain,,,,,this better points out that u r a stubborn guy ....who wants to repeat his mistakes ..and better enjoys do that again n bahut acchhi adat hai ...keep it up
lage raho
'tp' dont waste time...come to the hyd thread if u r interestd in some info bout icfai ...i ll giv u evry info u need ....or come to ibshyd group at yahoo....there u ll find very interseting posts ...and someknowledgeble matter too.

bunny u cant stop people from pointing out ur mistakes .... .
and mind it "tp" may b ur junior today but may attain a higher post than u some years down the track mind what u say. plssssss
and evryone is welcomed on evry thread ....whom did u ask that non icfains and juniors are nt invited??????
maje karo yaar ..... dnt get irritated

hey tp ...this is nt a new thing for this guy .... i used to help with my suggestions on the ICFAI pune thread and this guy had some problems with me i left the thread.....

i m sorry to be open mouthed bunny ........ but u r amongst the people who think that where ever they go ..that place is the best ( pehle pune bahut achha thha ..ab gurgaon bahut acchha ho jayega....i really wish bunny ...kaash tumhe hyderabad mil jata to humko bhi acchi jagah naseeb hoti )..... u know comfortable thinkning for personal satisfaction......and whatever u say or do is right.....ho sakta hai tum meri post padne ke baad bahut hi acchha sa koi crticising sa reply maar do aur mujhe acchhi achhi baatein kaho..ha ha ...but i m really impressed with ur adapting nature. wow ...three cheers
hip hip hurray

thats very tough man...but the group at yahoo is also doing very good and is very helpful....
lekin thread ko bhi bachaana padega....the only tareeka is to wait ....may b the thread becomes energetic in some days .

y dnt people listen yaar....
no need to quote large messages...
anyways ...nice to see some acticity on the thread.
hope to get some more