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i dont think xl has a wifi enabled campus..if there are plans for wifi ..i mite have to go for a wifi card..

I retract my words.....GOT THE COURIER

The only concern of mine is P4 cEntrino?????? I think nothing less than a 1.7 Pentium M will be good enough.. will have to contact seniors to know what they have. will keep all of you updated.

Bout the loan, anyone knows any bank which gives a loan for

hey..centrino is basically a p4 mobile with inbuilt Wifi..
So if u are looking for better performance..try the dual core processors..
For laptops, Centrino I guess is the most popular. Centrino DUO is their latest offering.
As far as I know, there's no diff b/w Petium M and Centrino processors. :robot:

well a p4 mobile is optimised for consumes less battery..(prolly can work at lower clock speeds) ..also it doesnt have the wireless capability of a centrino..

well for the airplane weight my take..
U could probably park the plane in a mid size ship and note the change in water level.Then replace it with a known weight so that the ship again sinks to the same level..(the change wouldnt be large..)..and u have the weight of the airplane

well i agree with u there..u would obviously add some ram..
but the point i wanted to make is no way should u expect that
are going to change everthing a desktop..
and apart from ram or maybe a hdd ur options are limited.

well..all that talk about upgrading..i have many friends.who use laptops and i have been using me .
its not a feasible option..for many resons..
cost..and technology gets outdated so u would be better off going for a new notebook than for a upgrade..
and u also have limited options.

well imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

thisisme Says
Plz post ur decision on this thread as soon as u decide.....

Now you know that is a tough decision especially for somebody as thick as me...well will keep u ppl posted..

I have been using a Compaq laptop for years two cents ..
1.go for a machine with 512 mb ram.else it aint worth it.
2.a laptop performance is generally not at the same level as a desktp with the same config.atleast that has been my experience.
3.also go for a good config now..since u will not really be upgrading and the options are pretty limited.

I have both FMS and XLRI BM converts.Still undecided though.