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thx allwin... a nice gesture from u ....sure if you(PG team) lands in our campus next time (Allwin: We wouldn't have minded pics, food and some jokes), you guyz will be given a royal welcome....

hii guys
met PG god Allwin today.. was waiting wid a camera to click a snap wid him and PG team.. could not do it though... but neverthless was so happy to "catch a glimpse" of PG top brass and specially allwin in person..


moi posting after a very long time

First of all, Welcome to SCMHRD....

(i) You don have to carry your "course" books along with you... either you can purchase it from college itself or get it from pune city

(ii) Non-veg people don worry... we have "world class" Tamanna, Mudra and a host of other restaurants nearby specially to cater u people

then We don have icici atm near d campus.. u gotta go inside the infy campus nearby(which ofcourse is not allowed). but we have corporation bank, citibank, hdfc and sbi atm's nearby....

any other queries pls shoot...


hey sunil macha,(INTEL inside)

congtas once again ... SCMHRD rocks....

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hey guys
anybody joining dabur S&M; this year for summers??


@franki_rulz. completely agree with ur statements. itz a thread for SCMLD admissions.. and let it be that way...

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I am just quoting what I have heard...

Heard this from a student of SCMHRD...

He says that till date the staff of SCMHRD
(Faculty, non-teaching, administrative, etc, etc...)...
Everyone is leaving SCMHRD and joining Prof Pillai...

Also the students who had done one year under Prof. Pillai,
are enjoying themselves as they think that the new director
is "jalsa kar"... (in comparison)...

Also, a friend of mine has joined SCMLD...
And he says that this institute still needs time to develop...

That's obivous... its new..
Not even two years old...

Hope that helps
~ Gulshan Kheskani
hi gulshan

first of all, i agree with your point that SCMLD still needs time to develop and a long way to go before making its impression on the corporate world. This is based on:
(i) Prof pillai is a gr8 man and diro(and he is time tested if i may add), no doubt but this is not what companies are interested in. They are interested in the quality of students. Any second rung b-school student will take atleast 6~7 years(found out using a normal distribution curve probablity area) to make his mark in a company. so a gestation period of 10 yrs is needed to comment on SCMLD

But i disagree with ur "INSIDER COMMENTS " about SCMHRD. infact i blatantly deny and write with conviction (privilege of being a 1st yr student at SCMHRD and share the same name as my diro) that
(i) No body has left and join SCMHRD
(ii) Within a span of 4 months i could realize that how nice a person our diro is and how hard he works for us.(here i refrain to compare him with pillai becoz i don have any idea about mr. pillai).
(iii) The kind of amazing facilities this yr:e.g. Wifi Campus, New hostel, "AMAZING SUMMERS"(where some companies visit only IIm's), and AWESOME GUEST LECTURES are indeed praiseworthy.

I know the hardest thing to swallow in this world is "change". Probably people worked under different under different bosses in their corporate life could vouch for this.
So it is really unfair to mudsling on the director of SCMHRD(again i refrain from calling our diro to show my impartiality), by just hearing grapevines.
(Also remember in a system of 220 people not everyone will be happy, if that is the case then 'IT WILL DEFY THE UNIVERSAL LAW")

hope i have cleared "quotes of what you heard"

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hi friends
i got into Dabur India - Sales & Marketing, Delhi. anybody joining Dabur this time??

SCMHRD 05-07

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@hannibal lecter
SCMHRD has two campuses, 1)Hinjewadi, Pune and 2)Nashik campus.The strength of the batch is 250-275(only at pune, nashik not counted, as i am not sure of thta figure)

SCMHRD has only one campus now at Hinjewadi, pune; Nashik campus has a Operation specialization Mgt. school(name prob. SIOM) which comes under symbiosis faily.
and second the batch strength of SCMHRD is 220 and not 250-275.


hi jugnoo
where can i get the answer key for TIME model papers published in The Hindu?pls help me out..


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