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Hi Guys, I am a GMAT aspirant and I need to write the exam in next 8 weeks before 15 November. Can u please guide me: 1\. How to prepare methodically in 8-10 weeks with job? 2\. Which are the key sections and which books to refer? 3\. I need to improve my writing skills as well,. how to go ab...
Bharat Bhatia @bbCAT005
@amitpuy - Hey Amit, it would be really helpful if you can share the link with me as well. Thanks
Nikhil Singla @Niks7
Hi, Anyone willing to join hands for group study for GMAT in Delhi. I have all the required study material available with me and target would be to clear the assessment by the time round 2 applications will be made available. Thanks in advance!
Bharat Bhatia @bbCAT005
@Niks7 please add me to this study group - bharatbhatia9@
Astha A @astha_a
_(*Photo courtesy:*_ jonfeinstein) __ * * The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 authorities have sent letters with the 'correct' scores to the institutes that have admitted the 80 candidates allegedly involved in
Bharat Bhatia @bbCAT005

Somebody rightly pointed out above that India is a place where majority of the people who are conducting the exam or even associated with the admission process are corrupt! There are many people loitering around everywhere who promised to provide a seat in the A grade MBA colleges and they charge 10-20 Lakhs. Nobody or no process can you trust IIMs convenor. You need to bring the process of conducting and managing the whole CAT data under your scanner and control only. If you your faith to rely on an external vendor to conduct CAT, scams like these will continue to happen in India and the only sufferers will be people like us!!

suraj raparla @surajraparla
Hey @vidhisn please send me also the Gmat material and tests ...i would be really thankfull :) My Id-
Bharat Bhatia @bbCAT005

Hi @vidhisn , can you please mail me the GMAT material you have Thanks in advance or @surajraparla : if you have the material could you please forward it to me? thanks

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
The declaration of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2011 results brings an end to Prof Janakiraman Moorthy's tenure as CAT Convenor for 2011. In the hot seat for probably the last time, Prof Moorthy spoke to PaGaLGuY abou

As a regular follower of the SB team , I would like to wish every member here. Best of luck SB waaalooo..:cheerio:

You all have come a long way with all the masti and fun in between (pointing to all the bakar in the last few months) :biggrin:

I just hope everyone could shine soon ! ATB

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Hi Puys,

I am plannning to give CFA Level 1 in June 2012. Can someone please tell me the process for registration and the study material guidance too? I am from Delhi. Any help would be appreciated.


Q]A dishonest grocer professes to sell pure butter at C.P, but mixes it with Fats and thus gains 25%. Find the % of adulterated fat ?

Q] Mixture of 70L of alcohol and water contains 10% water. How much water must be added to the above mixture to make the water 12.5% of the resulting mixture ?

Puys, plz post approach also.

for 2nd one..

Original mixture........Pure water
70 ml...............................................x ml

=> (2.5/100)/(875/1000)=x/70
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Can I also be a part of this confy?

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Palak Mathur Says
Why are you shouting in your SOP? It is hard to read.

I have edited it..can you please go through it once now?