@pinki24 : go through the previous posts. Its already mentioned.
@romi_asp : the percentile for guys is around 99.63 and for girls its around 99.15
Guys..I am a WBUT student who converted last year and I was a fresher.

Regarding the DGPA to percentage conversion..for the freshers who are currently in their 4th year just need to ask for a written statement from their institute that until and unless you complete the course there is no specific way of percentage calculation hence you multiply it by 10. I did that during my time.

As for the people with work would be better to multiply it by 10 first. If at the time of admission they object (which they generally don't, because they did'nt even ask me for my certificate of marks conversion) you can say that there is no specified way to do it. If you can convince your college to provide you with a similar document as the freshers that would be even greater because I know guys who were able to obtain that from their respective colleges.

I hope this would solve most of your queries.

A request to all...all those who are sending request to join the facebook group...please do add your pg id with your name on Facebook temporarily so that we can verify them easily before adding them on the group.

@surbhit05 : wait for it..have patience..very shortly it will be done :)
@AnkitCat2012 : there is very little difference between PGDM and PGDCM. There are some papers which are different in PGDCM(some IT related papers) but overall in terms of learning and placements..there is no difference at all. The cutoff for this is generally high.Last time it was 99.91 overall.
@freedomfighter : roughly the percentile for cutoff for the guys should be around 99.6. Still this might not be entirely accurate..we will get to know it soon and will inform accordingly.
that information is still not available to us...we will let everyone know as soon as we get to know it.
Guys..first of all congrats for getting the Interview call for IIM Calcutta
Remember this is just half the journey....the most important part is still left so pull up ur socks everybody....

We are here to answer your queries and offer any kind of help necessary.

neeharika taneja @neeharikat
@BatTheCat hii..i am giving cat on a week left..can u plz suggest how to go abt d verbal section..i have a very wavering graph in terms of the verbal score..ranging frm 70 sometimes to 98 d oder tym..thanks :smiley:
Abhishek Ganeriwala @BatTheCat
according to me u shud concentrate more on LR and try to get them right.
If u r not confident about VA then i thnk u shud go for the maximum attempt approach as we r always stuck between two options so try and maximise ur attempts...i had sumwhat the same problem and i followed that rule.