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Great man

hey could u plz share u r experiences while preparing b4 1month nd on day of the exam.

Dark angel Says
Thats really great buddy....!!!Congrats !!!
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The sum of 5 consecutive integers is 35

=> The numbers should lie on either side of average ie. 35/5=7

5 and 7 are the only primes among 5,6,7,8,9

Ans : C

i think that would be the best way to solve the above prob.

How many intergers n are there such that

Could u plz clarify about that prob

Hi Ambarish

Self Study is recommended 4 u if u r a self leaner.

But it will be good if u take the coaching for the GMAT. Where u will get not only the guidance but also good tips.

Coming to the Coaching institute, Princeton, and Time are good institute 4 the GMAT.

Hi all,

This is Ambarish and I'm planning to write my GMAT in May 2008. I have a couple of questions for this group.

1) Do you suggest taking coaching or self study to write GMAT.

2) If it is coaching, then which would be the best institute for coaching? Princeton Review, Visu, anyone else?


Wow! Sure Dude.

quote=darthcoder;926863]Hi Guys,

Me planning in April :D.
Lets catch up sometime :D.

Hi Deep

I suggest u to join coaching for the GMAT. Then u will get know things nd will get the guidance.

The best material for the GMAT will be OG11 first.
Time Material for the Quant and Princeton for Verbal.

hi Bashask

good to know that u also planning to take GMAT around the same time as i do. I havent actually started preparing for it.I'm in a dilema of whether or not to join a coaching institute. Have u started off with ur prep? what do u think is a better material to start with?
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Hi deeps

M planning to take the Gmat may be around May or June.


I'm new to this forum. I work as a Software Engineer for a multi national company. I'm planning to take GMAT some time around May this year. Is there any one else who is planning to do so? may be we can together plan out things and kick start the preparation
May this New Year adorn your life with many beautiful things and sweet memories to cherish forever.

And care of those whom the heart holds close, along with abundant joys and happiness, for you and your family.

Wishing you life's best this New Year.
Wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2008.

In Hyderabad

Time nd Princeton are the best for GMAT.

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Hi Aditya

Great Man to see here.

U can get very useful infor info in PG.

Hey ppl
this is Aditya from Bhopal
i m doin my B.Sc. in Microbiology
thought abt a field switch and here i am