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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new members of IIM-A.


Welcome to IIM-A."

Shwetank Bhatnagar

General Secretary,
Student Affairs Council, IIM-Ahmedabad

Swetank Dude, u r no more a fachcha@WIMWI, change your status.
Hi all,

Congrats! Its a great achievement. Rejoice it. They don't simply say "branded for life" will definitely need their help even after you join here.

Please change the link of google group in your signature. This is not the official one Rohan has made. Fachchas will get confused.
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Are there 2 different google groups for IIM A batch 2011?
I guess yes with email IDs
iima2011googlegroupscom and

Thanks for pointing out. I have noticed it just now.

junta please join the group .. this is the official group created by PGP2s. You will be able to find all of the tuchchas here.
Welcome on board fachchas... just enjoy this special and exclusive moment of your life....

don't bother much about the logistics, you will get most of your queries answered inside the nice brown folder reaching you soon, most probably within a week

still u can shoot your queries at us anytime u forum or thru PM if u feel so... we will try our best to answer those though most of us are having restricted connectivity now during internship..

A google group has been created for all of you where fachchas and tuchchas will interact for the next two months... I guess you all be notified officially by our student council secretary shortly about this; if not yet. Join and stay tuned to the group as this will be the place where almost all of your concerns will be addressed and important notifications for fachchas will also be communicated.
had my interview on 7th at iift

4. if we do not prepare profit and loss account is it possible to prepare balance sheet. :new_shocked:

5. one more question : if we have used the asset for only 6 months in a year will the depreciation be charged for complete year or 6 months. i think what i answered was correct

hehe.. liked reading your experience. Would love to know the answers also :biggrin:. The question 5 seems to be not just a accounting question only, I think it has taxation rule implications.

Sailesh Gandhi is one of the best profs I have ever taught by. He might not be taking class in next year..bad for u guys...
Hi Seniors

When does the classes of the new batch generally start at IIM A / other IIMs.


middle-last june
hi! seniors..

a little query.

I have shown that i have a family business in the steel industry and tht i too was involved in the busisness since may 08. Now, shud i still ask for an income linked tuition fee waiver? How will the interview panel react to this, if at all ?

Also, what is the amount of the waiver and other details ?

If your family income (parental and not yours) is below 6 lpa in financial year 2007-08 you will be eligible for the waiver in the first year, (similarly 2008-09 income for 2nd year) . Now you can decide whether you will apply for it or not.
I have a query...It might have been solved in the previous pages although I cudnt find it in a cursory view of a few of them...

being a 2008 passout u will be treated just as a fresher. so better brush up as much papers u can. u should have prioritize better than anyone as you have just finished the course. Still I would say have a better grasp on the subjects having more practical applications like communication (all kind of u can think about), microwave, comp networks etc.
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Seniors, can someone please throw some light on the essay that needs to be written before the interview?

Is this a summary of points on a topic, which would mean jotting down points that you would normally mention in a GD?

Or is this an essay with a proper flow required, where things like grammar, logic, language and style will be considered? Similar to the XAT essays..

a normal essay, the time given will be i think 10-15 minutes... from the space given yuu can guess what should be the length of the essay...
And if the three spots in the form are not enough for my key curricular, co-curricular or/and extra-curricular, can i add an additional page or my resume?

Don't do that. Write down the most important ones in the descending order of significance in the allotted area. The space provided is not that small as far I can remember. If you have solid points there, there is no need to dilute the impression by writing down the less important points after that.