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Dear Friends,

I am from hyderabad, I am having an extra copy of OG - 11 with me , Anbody intersted can give me a call.



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Dear Friends,

I am Balaji, from hyderabad. I am having with me an extra copy of OG - 11, xerox copy sparely used which i purchased from Koti.

Anybody interested can give me a call


Hi guys,

Got the call of my life time today... had been a passive member all these days...
breif intro abt me

Place: Hyderabad
X - 84%
XII - 83.3
B.Tech Chemical Engineer

CAT- Don't dare to ask

XAT - 88.7

Working for past two years as a consultant in the energy management division of a govt. organisation..

decided to quit the job after finding my growth curve in the organisation as a straight horizontal line.

gave my interview at mumbai ( 8.45 a.m on 6th march... )
whether anybody else in that batch has been through?
Mine was a OK GD (British Raaj)..

Anybody else from Hyderbad ?

Bye guys

meet u soon

Dear Friends,

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I am planning to take my GMAT in mid july for which I have worked out my shedule of prepn..

I have downloaded tons of prepn materials which seems to be quite informative..I am planning to take a print out of these materials. The total page amounts to somewhere around 3000 - 4000. Material includes SC1000, CR3000 and RC 1000 with answers, spidey notes, sahil notes and many other materials..

If anybody is interested to share these materials they are welcome to contact me so that we can share the amount for the printouts by this way it would be mutully beneficial.

If anybody from hyderabad is interested for this proposal.. Kindly contact me.


Hey guys I am done with my gmat. Incase you guys have any queries I wuld be glad ot help.

I am in Hyd only.


Hi XYZ, the congrats for the great score of 740. Your experience was quite inspiring.Even I am in Hyderabad.. I would like to hire your material for just a day so that I can take a photo copy of the same. Especially the spidey notes since i don't know where to search for that.. Hope you can help me with it. I am planning to take GMAT by mid july..If anybody interested for a combined prepn. u are free to contact me.

Bye Guys
Can only say wats the wt attached to various components. Nw hw much u get is a function of so many factors and that lies with the Admissions. Well it can take the same lines as it took for Girish. But that doesn mean that u be relieved on other frontiers. See ders no fixed way in which interview is conducted and no guidelines as such. Depends on the fac as well and also how u present urself. But der may be some thing on ur acads, just brush up something abt the last edu u had plus ur engineering. Cummon u can do that.

The various weights for the composite score:

Xat Score: 0.5
GD / PI: 0.3
Acads: 0.1
Wrk ex: 0.1

Hope that helps !

Heatfelt thx to saurav for posting this reply with patience...


I endores Saurav's views. You really need to brush up on ur knowledge of all the AS & other fundamental accounting terms. Try to brush up on ICAI's PE1 course.

I was asked questions with respect to the various aspects of my job profile. What I was responsible to do, my routine on a typical day, challenges, how I used to apply my knowledge earned over the years on the job and what good would it do to me quitting a cushy job at PWC & coming down to GIM for an MBA.

Hi Girish,

Right now I think I am also sailing in the same boat in which you had been few years ago. ... I am also working as a consultant in energy management division of National Productivity Council for past two years ???

Can I expect similiar questions like what you had faced??

Hardly I remember anything that I studied during my B.Tech (Chemical eng..)

What would be the weightage attached with such a work ex??

I scored

Xth - 84

Xth - 83.33 - 63 ( mere first class)

PGDEM (Energy Management ) - 67

what could be the weightage for such scores for past academic records??

Kindly throw some light

Mar gaya
I thought that you would be able to tell me something...

Will think of mine... will let you know...
Should be able to come up with the answer in about 2 days... :D

My interview date is 3rd March, 2006
Time : 8:45 am
Venue : Goa

Phir se mar gaya, adhi raat ko interview hain...

Hi, after your interview pls take some time in mailing us your interview experience and the questions ?? What is your XAT percentile??
Hey Balaji85 like corinthian pointed out that you are likely to be grilled on why another PG ?
Incase you come with an interesting answer.. please share.. as you and me are in the same boat... even I have done a PG in entreprenuership and management...

Also, if I think of something smart (unlikely ) I will share on this thread...

What say ?

Hi "ohmygoditsgulu" it was good that you pointed out, but i had specialized myself in Energy Management, Now I am trying to shift my career towards managerial from technical.??? But maybe you can help me out with a better reply since you have already specialized in entreprenuership.. By the way when is your interview dates???

Anybody in the batch of 6th march 8.45 at Mumbai.. "I think they have invited all the work ex guys in that batch???
Hi guys this is my first post in this thread. I would like to thank each one of you for your excellent contribution to keep this thread alive my sincere gratitude to GIM seniors who are trying to help us out amidst their busy schedule..

I have got interview date on 6th march 8.45 am at Mumbai..anbody out there in that batch????

My profile

10th - 84%
12th - 83.33% - 63 %
PGDEM (Energy Management) - 67%

Xat - 88.7 percentile

Work ex - Two years - Asst. Director (Consultant - Energy Management)
Org - National Productivity Council

Hoping to convert...