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cn sum1 plz help me out wid dis 1......

all the nine digits are arranged here so as to form four square numbers
9 81 324 576
how wld you put them together so as to form a single smallest and single largest square number respectively???? kindly send in your solution wid d explanations.......

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cn ne1 plz help me out wid dis prob????

Fifty mins ago if it was four times as many mins past three o'clock, how many minutes is it to six o'clock??

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We have to make 4 Teams out of the available 8 people.....
8C2*6C2*4C2*2C2 should give us the answer = 2520
Thus, B

But I doubt if this is correct, because 2520 is an insanely high number for just 8 teams, what is it that I am missing? Can someone please figure out.

i think 2520 is correct even i gt d same answer



I am getting answers as


Answers are not matching with the options .Please help

my answers are cuming 130, 80 and 10...... i used the venn diagram concept of n(A U B U C).....
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cn sum1 plpz help me n temme y is thursday n nt friday..... If thursday is correct den friday may also b correct.....
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groups of six 8s and 9s are divisible by 7.
first 48 8s and last 48 9s are taken care of this way.
Hence the number in the middle, 88A99 has to be divisible by 7.
So A=5

can u plz elaborate on dis a lil more.... d 1st line???
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rahul005 Says
Let A be a set of N different integers from the set (1,2,3....100) such that the sum of two different elements of A is never divisible by 10.The greatest possible value of N is.....a)42 b)41 c)49...pls do show the entire procedure.

the answer is 42...... any number ending with 5 can only occur once as any duplication will render it divisible by 10..... the same logic applies to any direct multiple of 10..... now 1 and 9 cannot appear together.... bt either of d two can appear and dat is possible in 10 ways...... same goes for 2 or 8, 3 or 7, 4 or 5..... so dat makes it 4*10=40 plus 2( for 5 and 10 as discuused before)..... thus the answr is 42
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