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Am I allowed to ask the question "How do you think life @ IIMB is different from life @ IIMC?"

I'm not necessarily asking how B life is better, just what its best points are, and how is it perceived to be different from C.

Of course its true that no one has lived both, but I'm just looking for perceptions. Know a lot of passionate IIMCians, and am hoping for more of the same from you B folks :)

I had sworn myself off PG after my last post but all resolutions have to be set aside when a certain georgy comes on gtalk and orders you to give some gyan. So here goes
1)The answer to your question is Yes, you are allowed to raise such questions. In fact you can raise any question you want as long as dont get on the wrong side of one of the mods. Ok, that was a bad one.
2)Frankly, my dear, I dont know. I could sing paeans to life@IIMB as to how it is the best thing that happened to mankind after Mickey Mouse watches and Angelina Jolie. But then, thats just me. A guy from Joka would similar wax eloquent about his institution. In fact, both of us could go on till hell froze over and yet not reach an agreement. For you see, neither knows much about what happens on the other side, except through sports meets (where we incidentally beat the shit out of A, K and Joka... we love gloating, dont we)
3)If you have calls from both B and Joka, I would suggest that you get in touch with seniors whom you personally know. Here, I am referring to people who can set aside their my b-school strongest / biggest / best/longest attitude and give you some objective inputs. It would be even better if you could get hold of seniors who had calls from both B and Joka. You could begin by examining the reasons that went into them choosing one over the other.
4)Finally, suggest you get clear on what you finally want out of 2 years in b-school. That ought to make your decision much easier.
5)Finally, finally in B, you get to meet lotsa level headed junta like yours truly who can afford to be not jingoistic about their B-School even in their life@bschool thread; because well, we simply dont see the need to be all that hyper. (yep, that was another cheap shot but then as we @ B say K wonly:tongue:)
@shrutz gyan given. Now help me make my ISPs life miserable.

The batch of 08 (to which urs truly belongs to) graduated on 25th. It has been a pleasure and an honour to post on this thread as a student of IIM-B. Ciao ppl. So, long and thanks for all the fish.


Rather late in the day ... but here goes.

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Just a quick update from my side: Thanks to a late waitlist movement, I will be joining Lehman Brothers, Mumbai in Equity Research division. :)
Same movement has resulted in Cricket team-full of IIML students (11 students) joining Procter & Gamble Singapore and Mumbai offices. :D

@anandv - just curious - what do you mean by a "waitlist movement"? How does it operate?

To summarize -
vs IIMC - decent fighters on field, great sledgers
vs IIMA - okayish fighters on field, comical sledgers
vs IIMK - all they ever did was sledge, except in TT where we got badly beaten. So K wonly.

and of course, lest you forget... we beat 'em all.

Placements got over 4-5 days back and most of the junta have gone home. Campus is damn deserted with fachhas running the show.

I am tempted to sound off about how the placements were amazing and mind blowing with people getting the moon... but then what is the charm in stating the obvious.

b.abheek Says
hey, am still in my final year. Regarding the 3 Ref. letters, can we get 2 of them from grad collg prof and one from school teacher? or all three have to bee from the grad college?

Your choice.
hi puys
can the weakness be put as short tempered... hopin it wont have a negative impact on the panel...???

Speaking generally one can either -
1) Try to rephrase/portray one's weaknesses in a different light. I have however been told that such efforts sometimes end up backfiring on the candidates.
2) Simply be honest and be ready for supplementary questions. Of course, it helps if your weakness is not something that goes against the very culture of the insti. for e.g. integrity.
Just remember that the panel has been seeing that particular question being answered in tens of thousands of such forms over the years. However original and clever one may try to be in answering the question, they have seen it all and then some more.
Abhi_sagi Says
Does any body have any idea hw much the interview panel grills on interest and hobbies... for instance,supposing readin business autobiographies is my hobby wat are the probable questions.........:dontgeti:

You might want to go through the GD/PI threads of the IIMs and B in particular. They are usually rich in detail and give a pretty good idea of the areas focussed on and the kind of questions that could be asked.
rahulbajaj Says
Seniors- one query... have been working with my current employer for the past 10 months...if I have all recos from people within my firm (though from different desk locations...), does it hurt me ? :tellme:

No, it would not hurt.
convolutedsignal Says
Heard about the twin wins. It is turning out to be IIMB's year on the field. Great going guys. Enjoy your time out in the sun. Next year should get really interesting

ahem.. ahem ... dont mean to nit pick, but 3 wins