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everything depend on your performance in oral presentation and personal interview everything else is just confident about urself, ur future plans and the way that u have selected to pursue yur goals ,that's it.
good luck

result and waiting list both are declared on the same day,confirmation takes places not more than 2 days if they decide to select you, you would be informed within next 2 days.cant say about the ratio of candidates to seats as i dont know the batch my case there was a total of 85 candidates out of which only 37 were selected and 8 guys were in the waiting list i gave my gdpi on 23rd and on 25th morning i got the confirmation.hope i answered your question

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yup, i submitted the draft for payment of registration fees on 25th not on the next day because i was in the waiting list otherwise if you are selected you are supposed to submit it by 2 pm on the next day.but they give you 2 to 3 days to submit the fees if you tell them about your problem if your having any.

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hi, i have been selected for the July batch,just want to know if the college would provide its students with laptops and whether the off campus hostel is WI-fi enabled or not?? please reply

hi, i have been selected for the July batch just want to know if the college provides laptop to its students and whether the off campus facility if wi-fi enabled or not?please reply

i have got selected for july batch.

no sir you are wrong, i have been selected for the july batch and there was a total of 37 students who were selected with 8 students in waiting list.

hi i have been selected for the july batch, there were a total of 85 students out of these only 37 have been selected.donno the reason behind such a small number but it would be good for us when it will come down to placments. BOL

bro would like to tell you about myself. my december mat score is 710 with 95 percentile. got calls from christ and kengri campus of christ and on 25th of this month got selected for alliance's main campus. i believe that since the fees which we pay i.e 12 lac is for 2 years. if we manage to get a package of 6 lac i would be able to earn my investment in 2 years time of now alliance's average package stands near 5.5 but we guys would be getting placed after two years and in these 2 years the package can fairly be expected to go up or even cross 6 lac mark.christ also have this biased attitude towards people from north that is why am not gonna fill form for their second intake as i was hoping to get main campus this time around, so finally i have decided to take admission in alliance....
best of luck..

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