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Guys can someone tell me the procedure for refund? To whom should we send a mail or letter? What are the details to be enclosed?
Have anyone applied for the refund before? How long did it take for refund?

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I have a doubt. Now itseems if we have got a call for any of the courses offered by IMTG, then we are among the top 360 ranks (correct me if i am wrong) as 360 seats are available in IMTG. People from Rank 361 are waitlisted.

Now if a guy offered FT/FIN course withdraws, will the people among the 360 converts be given the first chance or the guy with WL1 will be given the first chance to occupt the seat?

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Will there be any 2nd waiting list that will be out??? Just asking out of curiosity...

hi luvvineet_14,
If you don't mind can you let me know your initial waiting list number given by XIMB??

Can anyone please let me know what is the initial WL number of the person who made it to XIMB at the last?? I was at WL 97 initially...

I heard that there is something called VIP question paper set for GMAT. Can anyone let me know where can we get those papers or if someone has a soft copy can you please forward it to me.

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My waiting list was at 35 for quite a long time and suddenly today the XIMB link says -

Dear Applicant,
This result page is meant only for those who were previously wait listed and who deposited the fees....

Seniors, i have got my DD back as well. Does that mean that i am no more consider in the waiting list. I don't understand what is happening.

Any idea of how many seats will be cleared further in the waiting list...

Guys i am planning to try for MBA in NUS this year. I want people to share their information on this. I have some doubts -
Is it better to do MBA at NUS rether than doing in INDIA (excluding IIMs and ISB)??
How about the job gaurantee???
Will be it be a hard task hunting for a job??
Which is better - NUS or Nanyang??

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I am planning to take up GMAT this time and i am keen in getting into NUS. Can anyone throw some light on how the job offers are after the course? Is nanyang university better than NUS? If not NUS can i opt for Nanyang?

Is it better to join NUS than doing MBA in INDIA (excluding IIMs and ISB)?

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