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As predicted by NitiNy (or was it desinationsunil ?) 8 candidates appeared from nowhere between the 4th and 11th ranks of the PGs list. So no JB for me with rank 21. All the best to others who succeeded.

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any more additions to the lists?

As predicted by NitiNy (or was it desinationsunil ?) 8 candidates appeared from nowhere between the 4th and 11th ranks of the PG's list. So no JB for me with rank 21. All the best to others who succeeded.
I never meant it in the way U took it. :

Believe me if U can, but I am really nervous. ....
I AM one! I just want to see my name in that list......
No strings attached....Think what U want to, but m still praying for all of us, including myself! :

Come on Conti, I am just saying lightly (about ur imaginary situation!) as I am quite sure u are through (if with 99.99% it is not then what can I say!). Of course I believe u and know u are nervous that is why I wanted to boost ur morale! Take it easy no need to be nervous and CET is not XAT. No offence meant.
So just ONE word for U

Huh, this Wait iz killing me.

I feel that I am hanging blindfolded by a rope, and it seems like the rope is having an acid bottle dropping acid drop by drop on it (Yeah, that same movie Stuff )....And I don't know till when rope shall hold on...And if therez a pavement over which i am hanging, or a 1000 storied building!!

If it is a pavement, even if the rope dissolves, I won't b hurt. But if therez a 1000 metre Abyss beneath my feet, I would want to cling on that rope just a little longer

Whatever it is...just 6.5 hours more to go!!

Whoa.. , what a feeling .. free flight of the imagination visualization at its height.. acid, rope, 1000 storied building, abyss - really movie stuff! With 99.99% and superb GD/PI and a score of 180 , it can not be the wait for the result, it may be a wait just for the 'official confirmation' by the DTE (unlike us, including ur best pal)! So use coming hours to pray/ meditate for the best for 175s and 174s and, of course, the best option for urself now (after filling the Option Form with only 1 option) would be as u said above just "Relax" and plan for the 'party'.
Well B-Set,

Since U R in ur last Year, it is imperative that U don't need to submit Ur Migration Certificate. in ur Case, it is the PEC(provisional Eligibility Certificate),which has a tenure of around an year or so(enquire from ur uni) that would be issued by the college/University, claiming U to be provisionally eligible for any other cource.....

Babudum...Ha ha..What to talk abt that! They can even ask for my voter's ID card, for giving me an admission. And I won't b able to question them!!
So Red-tape Rules nevertheless.....They defy logic.... :-)

Thanks, Consti.

In fact I already obtained a sort of Provisional Certificate mentioning appearing, result expected byetc.etc. Now, after ur input I will again visit DU to see if they can issue a similar PC stating the same facts (and if yes, I hope they issue it in time if needed). Last time when I asked they said they issue a Provisional Certificate in place of the Degree as the instructions in the form said Provisional Certificates can be issued only before the date of University Convocation for that particular year and that is after the result only. (That is why obtained the PC from my college.)
Babudum... less said the better ! ( But it is same everywhere, even in UK at the Heathrow Airport once they asked my dad so many harassing questions even though a perfectly valid visa and return ticket was there, including how many days he intended to stay, purpose etc. though it is none of their business once their own govt. has issued him a visa valid for a certain period!)

Thanx for ur input.
Hi B-Set,

Well, it is the same case with universities in Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Are U sure that one would require a confirmation letter from the other university, before giving U a migration Certificate?? I got a migration, without EVER talking abt where I am going. As a matter of fact, a person should take out a nigration, the moment one gets his/her Degree Certificate. Suppose I don't get an admission anywhere, won't I be given a migration?? Would I forever be the student of that university??

What if I join a job...And never go for education? Would I never get a migration Certificate, if i would want to? Umm....I don't think so!

Maybe it is just a coloumn in the coloumn, where U can register Ur institute(where U R NOW migrating to). :-)

Hey Consti,
Thanks for ur valuable contribution. As a matter of fact I just went to enquire about the MC and I have stated what I was told by the 'officials' (dealing hands) as according to them - MC is for migrating to another university and if you are not going to another university u are not migrating , so why do you need a MC? Any day after graduation whenever one is going to migrate to another university he /she may just apply and take it as MC is not required anywhere else ( for a job or anything) - again I am telling what I have been told (so no need to defend or justify), may be another person seating on that chair would have his different view tomorrow (that is how our babudom works).
Secondly, and more important thing, unless my graduation is over (i.e the last semester exam result is out, may be in August 2007) applying for migration certificate will not be possible as records won't show I have done my graduation (again that is a factual statement based on response from DU). So for me applying and getting the MC is at the moment seem to be a 'suspended activity'!
Similarly when I went to Kalina Campus and spoke to the concerned Deputy Director (as the dealing hand could not satisfy me why I can not get the EC) , he said I can not be issued eligibility certificate as my result for the final semester is awaited and I will be eligible only by virtue of the result of that exam (according to him 'what if I fail?"). In fact when I asked , if there is any problem during admission what should I do he got somewhat upset and 'emphatically' (somewhat irritated) said, "Officials sitting in JBIMS are also govt. officials and they know you have appeared in the last semester so they can not ask for the EC!" and they would ask for some sort of undertaking to submit the result and other docs by a certain date (like the DTE option form receipt said : " You must submit Statement of Marks or Certificate of passing of Graduation Examination before 30th September"). Here again I have no option regarding the EC from Mumbai University!
They may be right in their own way and if they are right a fresher like me may not be asked to submit these docs immediately (in fact one the seniors at JB who was a fresher last year whom I specifically asked the same question also told me so). In any case it will be confirmed if and when I face the actual submission after being in the final list (which at the moment is just a possibility not at all a certainty!). As I have done my bit of enquiring at the right places with the people directly concerned with it nothing much is left to do or worry about till the D-Day.
The new link works.

By the way, where did you find this link from? (Just for curiocity... )

Just by hit and trial changed the year in the 2005 link!

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hello everybody
i am rahulkumar and i m sorry to respond so late to the forum ,actually i hav jus registered to pagalguy .i hav completed my engg in computers from the COLLEGE OF ENGG PUNE.
i am afraid that i cannot sit infont of a pc the whole day so left my job in TCS
(actually the joining date is yet to b declared)
so any body knows hw we need to pay the fees DD, Cash???
actually i will hav to arrange the mony and my home town is too far from pune for me to go and come back in case if i carry anything less
so pls anybody tell me hw much money exactly i need to carry wit me the day we go to JBIMS for admission

The JBIMS site says the Fees is Rs. 79800/- but it also has a notice saying: Fees are under revision and are likely to change. (Last year only the fees was increased by 100%!). So no official notice for this year yet , however, one of the post last year is quoted here for ur help:

By nk1008 on 25-7-06
Had gone to JB today
For Mumbai univ students Fees :
Rs.78,280/- (either DD or cash)
Rs.1500/- (cash)
For Non Mumbai univ students Fees :
Rs.78,500/- (either DD or cash)
Rs.1500/- (cash)
The dd should be in favour of "THE DIRECTOR, JBIMS" payable at Mumbai.

Hope this will help as there is yet no notice on change /increase in fees etc., In any case this gives u some idea about the current amount!
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hi puys...
please tell me where is the link for score conversion(plz tell the path to get it on dte site) of this year.
the link given in above post is not working.:(


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Hi Hardik,

I think there is some misunderstanding. If U refer to a post made by me in this respect, around 2-3 pages ago, I had mentioned, that legally, and logically, any institute cannot ask a candidate where he/she is going, coz it is none of their business. They can just certify that so n so student was with us, for so and so time, and his conduct was so n so....Nothing else!! They cannot deny any1 a migration certi coz of where that guy/gal is going!!

Migration / TC is a confirmation of Ur stay at a uni/college, no more no less!!

Cheers! :-)

I don't think it reflects the real situation.

Even the Application Form for Migration Certificate for Delhi University has the column (copied and pasted from the original form):
In case a candidate applies for a Migration Certificate:
(i) Name of the University to which the candidate wants to migrate_______________________________
(ii) Course/Courses pursuing separately or simultaneously ______________________________________
And I understand without this being filled they don't issu the MC. (I don't know about the TC from the college under DU)