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couldnot beleive it for 10 sec... after it sank, couldnt thank god enough for this...
congrats for all the converted guys.... :cheerio:


I called. Same reply.3 around. But I wud nt expect them b4 4

I called. Same reply.3 around. But I Quentin expect them b4 4

cool_cat_07 Says
any updates guy? did some1 call again?
yup.. I called.. same reply. Around 3. But I wud nt expect them before 4, going by these trends

I too called. Same reply. Around 3. Hope they r right this time.. but puys,wait till 4 before expexting any result... (just my personal thought

now the site itself is not opening.. wonder when this ordeal will end..)
nobody is answering the call..looks like its lunch time .. so we too should take a break.. was waiting from 3 AM... :(

Ya.. I too think so... hope I see the word'congratulations' after I enter my details

1.)I think they have done some timer like thing that the result will be visible after some scheduled time.or else why is the website down for so long?

2.)I think no pdf will be uploaded.instead there will be a put your cat registration number and check the status like thing.coz i saw similar thing with the iim b pgsem offers/waitlist for this year.:drinking::drinking:
The results of PGP 2011-13 admissions will be declared on April 18th, 2011.

As given in IIM B website itself... Cheers and all da best to all aspirants
Highly probable that all IIM results will be out before 20th..
Should be a relief as most WL movements will be quick..

Man!!!.. wat an effort u have put in here.... hats off to ur patience and good luck in life... thank u very much

i am not able to check my result..
Really worried..can somebody check it for me too
jan 28 1989

name of the candidate cat registration number date of test
sapna sr6820389 november 20, 2010
section - 1 section - 2 section - 3 total
quantitative logic & data interpretation verbal
score (150) p ercentile score
7 5.74 83 95.04 70 88.33 160 76.33
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