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I would love to know the names of the unknown sources who are giving you such wiered info. I just dont understand one thing, that why people without complete knowledge of facts even rply on PG.

If you want any concrete info about placements PM me, I am a placements committee member and would be happy to sort any doubts. I have been posting complete details and facts since long but still u people are not wiling to agree.

i have been offered IMT-N, could you give details of the placement scenario, the minimum, avg and maximum package?
and also if you could give the details of summer internship and recruiters, then i will be highly obliged.
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there would be.. as last day to withdraw the admision is 15th may...
most probably i will withdraw from it..

hey which college are you joining then?
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nyone opting for MBA @ hyd??

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the mba degree which we are getting from ibs hyderabad..is that ugc approved?? when i was in bank for educational loan.they asked for the proof if the course provided in ibs hyderabad is ugc approved..

help me out guys!! its something important ...

yup it is...u will get the loan easily.
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When will the list for delhi be out??
OR has any one recieved it from delhi yet?

hi..i am from elhi and even i have not received any call yet though my percentile is 96 in feb mat...and also i dont know whether it is the minority list or call for all the candidates...it has become so confusing..does anyone have a clue?

hi puys..this might not be the correct thread...but i have a query...the gdpi list for siescoms pgdm is out..it says it is the minority list so will there be any other list for general category....seniors please help..it has got confusing

r-shan Says
Also, people who have scored in the range of 81-83 and have been shortlisted for Hyderabad can hope for the best to get a clearance. I and nine of my other acquaintances have decided not to take up IBS Hyd. So , atleast a total of 10 seats will be available to accommodate waitlisted candidates. I'm sure there might be many others who may not join IBS this year. So all the best to people who wish to make to IBS, Hyd.

i have been shortlisted for IBS hyd...as your friend is in the final year there, could you do me a favour of asking how exactly the placement scene is? i have had mixed reviews regrding IBS and therefore need advise..plss
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hi....can anyone please tell me the last dates to fill pumba and jbims..is it like after the results declared?

plss do reply

i am in the first waiting list.. its mentioned that the admission is on first come first basis..but during the interview we were told that the first waiting list will start clearing from 10th april.. i also read a post on pg that one of the guy who is in waitlist has already send the DD, so my query is that whether all the waitlist have to send the dd as it is of no use waiting for 10th april.. or be patient up to 10th april..
please help coz i have to arrange the amount as i am gng for the loan..

hi, since you are going for the loan and are in the first waiting list, first check how much amount that you have to submit is refundable in case you decide to get into another college. And as you said the admission is through first come first serve, obviously the ones who will pay earlier than you will be cleared first...so if you are interested send the DD. Also one thing that I am confused about KIAMS is as per AICTE rules if anyone withdraws admission fee, he would be refunded his money after deduction of Rs 1000. I guess KIAMS is not following that...can seniors tell me about the real picture.
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hi puys...its being said that the last date to apply for siescoms has been extended to 22 march...and wwe can apply thru feb mat as well...but does anyone here know whether the issue regarding CAP conducted by mh-cet has been resolved yet or not...shud i apply?