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Hey guys i too am from Hyderabad...luking fwd to appear for GMAT in a month..i wanted to know how good are these test series which you can buy from institutes like Manhattan,..they cost around 7-8 thousand bucks..we can just buy testcode/passwords from them and appear for them from within the confines of our home!!
Has anybdy already tried/tested these?

Hi Keya...another question...i just want to know....what strategy did u adopt in SC ...i mean is the only way to tackle SC taking as many SC questions as possible...or some strategy like running every question that u face through known mistakes or errors to see if it falls in among the ones that u have practiced....though it doesnt sound like a foolproof strategy..!!

Thanks,...hope u cud gemme!! .. ??:

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The Kaplan online tests were on the CD that came with their Premier Program. The GMAT Prep came on a CD that I got when I signed up for the GMAT.

Hope that helps!

hmm this does sound a bit of a problem.... :(
neither do i have the Kaplan CD nor am i going to have any CDs while registering...cos am gonna do it online..!!!
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Hi Keya...or anybody who might be able to help me on this..
please see the quoted said that you took some online tests from Kaplan and Gmat Prep...i want to know how did u take these tests...were they free or you had to pay and enroll yourself for them.

3. The Last Two weeks
I had taken leave for the last two weeks before my GMAT. Unfortunately, I had a release on the 14th of July. As a result, I could hardly study from 3rd July to 14th July. When I took my first test (the Crack-GMAT free online test) on the 15th of July, I scored just 650. I was unable to finish the Quant section (I had lost so much speed), and I was panicking through the verbal section, watching the clock and going quietly crazy.
I didnt cry or panic because I decided I didnt have TIME to!!!! I put in my best in the last two weeks. I gave 2 IMS CATs in which I scored 730 and 740 again. My Kaplan and GMAT Prep scores were:
Kaplan CAT 1 670 ------ Q50 V36
Kaplan CAT 2 680 ------ Q50 V37
Kaplan CAT 3 640 ------ Q46 V34
Kaplan CAT 4 650 ------ Q42 V38
GMAT Prep 1 720------- Q49 V38 (4 days before the exam Panic killed me here)
GMAT Prep 2 770------- Q50 V44 (2 days before the exam)
My Kaplan scores drove me crazy. I was really depressed at being unable to hit 700. My brother Rana went out and got prints of all the posts of all the GMAT biggies on PaGalGuy and showed me their scores. He played counselor and tried to convince me that Kaplan was probably harder, or had skewed scores, since all the Biggies had got Kaplan scores in the 650-700 range too. Now, hes a younger brother, and everyone knows Big Sisters Do Not Listen To Younger Brothers. So I posted my panic post on PaGalGuy. Of course all you guys were great esp amitnsitian. He was a major morale booster. Kunal Nagpal of the illustrious GMAT Biggie Group pitched in with his morale boost too.
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