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Just a Piece of Info to Share.....Sorry if its already shared....
GMAT gets 300 more questions and gets tougher

chk the below link
GMAT gets 300 more questions - The Times of India

Hello Fellow Hyderabadi Aspirants,

I have been noticing this thread of late.. Apart from ppl leaving their phone numbers there hardly is any headway on the preparation forum that all of us are desperately looking for (including me)..

I have booked my GMAT date for the 3rd of August and am targetting a 700+ score and would be looking at initiating a forum for the same..

I have material of size 300 MB with me and would like to form a competitive group in HYD wherein all of us can meet up once a week and discuss toughies, prepare focussed per-week timetables, monitor each other's progress. In short discuss our way into the crackin the GMAT. PUYs interested can reply to the post.. lets decide on a place and time and get started..


Hi Pavani,

I am a Newbie and just started preparing for GMAT. I am thinking for couple of meetings so as to give my study a push. I stay near Shivam, OU. where do you stay?


hi funkysid25,

Mannn,,,,,770 and got rejected. I am a Newbie and no suggestions from my side but could you share you experience in details about your applied colleges, date of application, any reasons for rejection and your profile if your r comfortable......

Hi ankit1407,

your profile is much like me about the way towards studies. I am having hard time to study but wanted to give it a serious try. I stay near Shivam, Osmania Univ. whr do u stay. I am free most of the time and can meet nearbies.

just wanted to say hi to all and i am a newbie started GMAT Study. I have done my MS in USA and have 2 years of experience over there and now back in Hyderabad. I am trying hard to study but my laziness wins over me. Its really hard to study after having started working. I thought with few interactions will able to get back in track. I am ready for any discussions in hyd. I got OG11 and started looking at RC as of now.