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Omg I clicked on the link to have a look.. "had a look" at the first slide ..had a hearty laugh for like 5 mins ..LOL That picture of a scientist with a mixer grinder and his expression !and Thanks for sharing !
haha nothing better than watching these after a long day of work.
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AnalogiesSET A13021)CACHE:HIDEA) forgiveness : punishB) stockpile:accumulateC) testimony:falsifyD) treasure:moneyE) intimation:fear2)ANECDOTE : AMUSEMENT :parable : brevitylecture : instructionharangue : complacencycaption : illustrationslogan : repetition3) INVENTORY : MERCHANDISE :entry : ledgernumber : setphotograph : negativeorder : receiptmanifest : cargo
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OA for IA1307 as given in the document is1) All are implicit.2) Only II and III are implicit.These Qns might cause lot of unrest.
1.) how is IIIrd implicit? earning amounts is extra info i suppose.
2.) kaise ?? aren't both these options adding extraneous info. I chose none is implicit.
18/01: Ad campaign qs

Q1:Fill the indian companies responsible for the following Twitter campaigns.

1. Chill Out Surprise- _______
2. feeling blue-_______
3. Tweets for Treats-_______
4. Dil Vs Bill-_______
5. 55 seconds to live-_______

Q2: Facebook campaigns & corresponding companies.

1. One Minute Songstar Campaign- _______
2. Friends Trip Facebook contest- _______
3. Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe- _______
4. Saat Ka Sikandar- _______
5. Colour your day- _______

don't google puys
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In that case, some from my side,1) ARCHIVE : RECORDS ::A. box : shoesB. locker : uniformC. arsenal : armsD. pantry : breadE. arsenide : death2) THESAURUS : SYNONYMS : :A. opposites : antonymsB. terminus : transportC. tangents : parallelsD. encyclopedia : factsE. book : chapters3) EXPEDITION : PURPOSE : :A. whimsical : factualB. unreal : fantasticC. possible : quixoticD. human : angelE. academic : theoretical
Hi puys! new to this thread. went through all of it..great work!!! will try to pitch in as much as possible.
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Not that I have spent a lot of years on the planet, but the best people I have ever worked with were broadly of two types --- they were either driven by a higher sense of purpose that they had attached to their professio
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We are told in our school years to focus more on entrance exams, rest everything will fall into place. We prepare rigorously for two things simultaneously. Doesn't that count as hardwork? We work our socks off to get into good engg colleges. Even if our boards percentage gets compromised that little bit, we get deprived of further quality education in our careers. So stop stating crappy statements like this is a step in the right direction. These criterias are just toying with our careers. This article is regressive n rather demeaning towards those who work hard to get good percintles in CAT but are rejected because of these stupid criterias.