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wat abt the social service program at tiss ,can any tissian put some lite on it

hey manu this is a grt post
keep postin

my vote for this post its grt post


my friend told me bout it

i m goin to plan for the next valentine day :
hi raghav,

yeah, these people do consider the acads but even if u have decent acads, u can get thro'.

there is no cut-off as such for NIT or non-NIT people.

i had quite theek-thaak acads in my engg but still have made it.


well even i m preparin for cat 06 i have read ample of books of all sort( even ayn rand)
but i always feel that it wud be better to mug up words rather than this .........i m a third yr engg student have okey acad. n aimin for iims can u suggest wat sort of books i shud read? is reading et a must?
hey all pg's
m aimin at cat wat sort of prep do i need ? a rigrous one like studyin day n nite ??: or just being regular for two or three hours wud do ?????
rgds avni

hi vineet
wat abt the cut offs?