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Did your professors tell you this?? or was it announced by your admissions committee?? Playing to the galleries...aint you??
This opportunistic use of the situation to improve MDI's brand image may look gr8 to the ones outside the system....not to the ones inside...:drinking:
No offences meant!

The primary reason why the cut off came down last year was that there was a single form for all the three courses...the year before that there were separate forms for PGPM ,PGHR and PGPIM hence the cut off was pretty high for PGPM in that year.

lol... As if a big change from 98%ile to 97%ile ... Don't know how reliable this information is.
Seats fill this way. IIMs -> NITIE -> MDI -> etc.., Decrease in the number of applicants brings the cutoffs down and nothing else. There s a downward trend in the no. of CAT applicants for the past 3 years. So cutoffs will go down this year too. NOM.

No one can say for sure which way the cut offs will move.So kindly stop speculating.As for the preferences of candidates there are a host of people who leave NITIE and lower IIMs for MDI and same is true other way around.

And of course No offence meant.

Last time there was a single cut off of 96.91 for all 3 programs.But don't read too much into it as the cutoff was much higher the year before that.So it depends on the criteria of admissions committee for this year.

I know a guy with 96.91 who made through PGPM last year.Yours truly also had 97.09 % only

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Hello people...was able to log in after a long time...sorry wasn't able to reply to your PMs...life has been hectic here to say the least...congrats to all those who got in especially coolbryan and PSL...now do enjoy the few days you have before joining....coz life ain't the same at MDI


a quick update for PGPM people...the list that has been put up is of 226 people.So 14 seats are surely there and additionally 1-2 withdrawals can be there too.Gotta go now for some kinda session at 6.Hope you guys make it

amathur25 Says
one of my frnds is waitlisted at 22 ( rank 612) .. is there any point going on 24th ?? i am hoping for a positive reply

arre haan there is more than decent chance ki uska ho jaayega.Last time waitlist cleared by 50 in counselling
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amathur25 Says
whats your waitlist number ?

His waitlist number is 6....aaj bhi jabb main gaya wahan there was one girl who was going to withdraw...
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I also got a call from MDI people regarding the pgpm counselling which they is to be scheduled on 24th of June. The classes for the counselling will start from 28th. My Rank is 618 and when I asked about my chances they told me that at ur rank it is almost sure. However don't know what are the actual chances.

If it gets converted I will be in a gr8 dilemma amongst VGSOM and MDi

Coolbryan kahan hai??? I told you ki tumhe zaroor bulaya jaaega...abb to :drinking:ki party banti hai mere liye
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Yup......no updates on hostel even now....Seniorz...plzzz throw some light !

arre hostel ki itni tension kyu le rahe ho.List will come on the website when it is prepared.Baaki hostel room sabb ko milega and kissi ko bahar nahin sona padega.

Baaki waitlisters sit tight.I "might" go to MDI tomorrow for the payment of second installment and will try to get some news.Nahin to in any case sunday ko registration ke baad to pata chal hi jaayega ki kitne logon ne register kiya hai.Waise hostel list aa gayi to usse bhi idea laga sakte hain.

Hey people

Hope you all are doing good.Well I am planning to buy a laptop.Dell Inspiron and studio is what I am looking at.

Now I live in gurgaon.So which is the best place to buy from.I would like to buy it asap.Is there a huge price diff. between buying it online and buying it from stores??How long it takes to get it delivered in Gurgaon and how they deliver it as its quite possible that no1 is at home when their guy comes??Please note that I can get corporate discount.

Any model you suggest.I can shell out 40-45k.My friends who have studio suggest me to buy inspiron as they feel that there is no point in paying extra money coz the difference isnt much.

And kissi agent wagera ka number hai to kindly share it here.

Lotts of questions .Hope some1 answers them

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
The Karnataka High Court on June 11 disposed the public interest litigation seeking cancellation of the controversial computer-based Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2009 exam held in November and December 2009, while direct

Harsha is truly a hero...there were a lot many who made noise about protests and stuff but he is the one who fought it out...you inspire me a lot man...