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Hi nitin,

Your decision depends on your goals and motivation to do an mba...if you want to settle down in India and get a job there,an MBA in any of the tier 1 institutes which includes XLRI will give u that opportunity...the only difference between the placements of XL and IIM ABCL are the i-banks..for consulting/mktg XL is as good as the IIMs.If your primary motivation is not to go back to India and work while doing an MBA,the part time UCLA option is good.

And as Cancerian rightly pointed out (IIM A is the best ranked inst in India..but we know its world ranking...), opting for an MBA depends on your perspective at lookng at things and deciding what is best for my opinion would be that rather than focusing on the relative ranking etc,take a decision based on where you would like to be working 2 yrs down the line....

Congratulations to all who got iim offers. I got dinged in all except XLRI and am not interested in iim-l, i or k. For me, it now a choice between a fulltime program at XLRI and part time programs as USC-Marshal or UCLA-Anderson. Both USC and UCLA have great part-time programs and are ranked 3 and 1 respectively according to Business Week.

I am thinking of refusing XL. I'd appreciate your inputs.

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Congrats gr8spirit4life on ur admit to IIM L...and congratulations to everyone in the forum who have made it to the other IIMs....even I am joining IIM L..pls find attached the updated xls.

Got in IIML (740, WE 4.5)

Initially when we received admission offers, the results for overseas candidates were also displayed on the IIM Lucknow website. But since the website has taken on a new look, the reults page displays "Coming soon".

Any news on that?
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congrats to you too arayanmba...yes,i am planning to join.Got thru xlri BM,but will go with IIML because of the IIM brand

got an offer from IIM Lucknow ...finally some good news..thanks to everyone in the group for all their inputs throughout this journey

Got a call from iim i and xlri..

iim c will give an interview call only in March, as per the adcom ...

Hi Sandipan,

iima sent me an email on the 11th.Pls call them up during their office hrs
if u dont get an of luck...

got a reject from iima


16 months workex

lets wait and watch..maybe the other iim's look at things other than just gmat score..
congrats for those of you who have made it...

Hey guys..if you observe,reco's for IIM C,I and K are in pdf format with boxes or lines wherein the recommender has to fill in info.

Nobody has the time to write in details, how did you all manage to get your recommender type info? ull use a seperate word doc?

Hey guys...did you report you official gmat score to IIM A through Pearson.Could you pls tell me the institution code for IIM A.

I just gave a copy of my unofficial score report till now....