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here are my splits

va = 24.67
di = 18
qa = 8.67
total = 51.33

wont clear qa cutoffs

was trying for an even score

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well here r my splits

va = 11.33
qa = 5.33
lr = 31.67
total = 48.33

i dont think the cut offs of qa will be more than 8 it will be below 10 for sure (i still wont be clearing)

va will be about 16 - 20 (again wont clear)

lr section wont be more than 12

overall 42 ishh

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well my take on cat 06

4 sections

va rc qa lr

then increased time is cos the rc will be more analytical than last years cat

speed reading wont help much

u really need to understand the passages

then y the need for 4 sections??

well the cutoffs have dropped so much that with pure va we can clear the english part and neednt attempt ne rc qs

this time 4 sections to stop that

and no more di section

cat 05 "di" section was saturated with lr

this time xpect the same

di ds r obsolete

of course this is what i think is gonna be the pattern for cat 06

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first thing aye??

it depends

wats the first thing that u notice about a person

same applies to gals too

after all gals r also ppl (koi shak?)

cud be her face/eyes/figure

cud be her dress/makeup/hairstyle

cude be her cute friend lol

cud be her voice/language/behaviour

cud be nething

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rani_das Says
Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rani here ........ wass da? whn u need to join US tech? Welcome to Cochin Thread Logic Head....... :biggrin: :thumbsup:

hello twety bird

me not joining us tech (may be i will)

got thru infy dunno when to join

joined time for the mock cats

wrote 719 wasnt that gr8 the usual will be around 80%

hey r u stil in orkut? and what about catcall??

well after a year of being dormant

now i got nothing to do after engg

and discovered this thread

me too from cochin

name is Aby Thankachan

tinkerbell| Says
I think my dreams of a classless, casteless India will remain just that. Dreams.

i agree with you

|tinkerbell Says
Religion is an individual choice. I dont see why that should govern your choice of who you should marry. Cant you follow your religion while your partner follows hers?

Again I agree with you. Infact I have heard that there is a church and a temple on the same building (different floors) in Madras. It was built by a couple who were from different religions. I do not see why it should be stopped or why it shouldn't be encouraged.

The reason why I prefer a girl from the same religeon is simple. I like to share everything with my spouse and religion is a significant part of my life that i would like to share with my spouse. Thats all.

I do respect others views. If Gaurav says dowry is a social evil. He might have valid reasons to believe so and I respect that. Its his opinion. May be i haven't seen that side of dowry that Gaurav has and have my own reasons to support dowry. Thats my opinion.
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Man, that money is no body's right except the parents... what ur parents own, is upto them to give u... u have no rights to ask them for it.

wrong. parents can do whatever they want to with whatever they have earned. but kids have a right (legal right) over what the parents have inherited.

ur post, offcourse... the way ur post sounds, it seems as though the guy is encashing money for some project whose burden he can't handle without that money.

dont assume things
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Why on Earth, do u want to talk of money, money and money.... The money belongs to the girl's parents and it is upto them whatever they want to spend... why should the groom's family or the bride have any expectations? We talk of my share, ur share, his share in the first place... which, per se, shows avarice..

because we were discussing about dowry and easiest way to express dowry is in terms of money and i believe dowry is the girls share of the family property.

Don't quite get what u want to say... remember one thing... we are here not to discuss what is prevelant, but to change what is prevelant. u think caste can't be abolished, i say it can...

Good Luck to you.

One more thing... Today, u(generalised) feel the need for money from the girl's parents bcoz u feel that she is an added member..

what gave you that idea????
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So tell me a better method of giving the girl her rightful share of the property. You can have a partition at the time of the wedding. But a partition with the parents still alive is something disgraceful. Partitons are not exactly merry occasions (but wedings are).

I have said in my above post why a partition at the end is not such a good idea.

The best solution of giving the girl her share is dowry. And in kerala atleast dowry is given in the name of the girl (car, flat, land, cash in bank all will be in the name of the bride or jointly).

I disagree that the dowry goes to the grooms house.

1) If the couple gets a divorce, the girl can legaly challenge the authority of the groom over the dowry.

2) In a modern society the couple usually lives separately and hence the dowry goes to the bride and groom and their nuclear family.

And a caste bar society is not possible. You see it everywhere. There are separate areas in most big american cities for chineese, indians, africans, italians etc. Why?

Why is there royalty in a lot of european countries. The only school of thought that proposed complete equality without any discrimination are the communists. And history has proved its not a very successful schools again strengthening my argument that caste system cannot be abolished. There are village chiefs... tribe chiefs.... army generals.... ceos. The son of a tribal chief becomes the next chief. If you think this is not prevalent in the modern world think again. The sons of Ambani becomes the ceos of the Ambani empire (though its split). If you think that its only relevant in modern India. Think again. Who is George W Bush???

I want to marry a girl of my community itself. No its not because i am narrow minded. I like a certain kind of cuisine unique to my own commuity. Few others outside know how to make them. I go to church every week and its part of my life to work for the church. Now I am from a middle class family. I cannot provide a girl from a wealthy family the facilities she is used to. Nor can i tolerate the mannerisms of a poorer family girl. So its best that i marry a middle calss girl of my own community.

No, the decision not because I am narrow minded. On the contrary i have thought about it and have made an informed decision.(BTW I am only 20 and wont be marrying for atleast the next 6 years)

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