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I am an OMS. My All India Rank is 44 with a total of 184 marks. Can some seniors tell me if there is any rarest of the rare chance getting JBIMS in this rank?


NM does not give waiting list number. It gives your overall rank. I was ranked 446. Got it converted on 28th May after a long wait of 2.5 months..

One good news to all the wait listers. I had converted IMNU and had deposited the fees of 2 lakhs. But now I have cleared the waiting list of NMIMS and will be opting for that. Will apply for refund from IMNU after 6th June.. So one seat for waiting list clearance.

I am ranked 446. Got the confirmation yesterday.. Joining..

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I seem to have misplaced my form receipt. Can anyone suggest me what to do now? I have my GD/PI on 29th at Nagpur and will be leaving on 27th (day after tomo). Will be doing my ARC too the same day. So can any one guide me what can I do in such a short time.

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neerajg.gupta Says
As this is the first time GENERAL MGMT is being offered, as per notice frm the authorities MBA would be mentioned on the degree and if a person chooses to do a specialization then it would be mentioned as MBA(Specialization)

Will NM be giving an MBA degree or PGDM?
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Titancrusher Says
You can do the document verification from anywhere.It is independent of where your GDPI centre was or even infact when it was.

Will there be an ARC counter at Nagpur?
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The ARC process is just for document verification and validation.You need to take your originals and have them verified against the details that you have already fed in online.This process is gonna be on till the 12th of june so theres lots of time for it.There is no compulsion to do the ARC verification before your GD.

My GD/PI center is Nagpur. Can I do the document verification also at Nagpur after my GD/PI or do I need to go to Bombay specifically for document verification?
Please guide me at the earliest. I am quite confused.
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You are advised to refer the
"How to Read a Balance Sheet" An ILO Programmed book, adapted to Indian

Laws and requirements by Prof. H. Bhattacharya, Oxford & IBH
2004 for Fundamentals of Accounting.

As far as I understand, the cost of books is included in the total fees. But they have mentioned that we need to refer the above mentioned book for our initial understanding.
Does it mean that we are required to purchase books on our own and need to pay extra for that?

Mani Sir,
Can you please confirm from the admin dept that is the result coming out tomorrow?
We need to pay fees for other colleges and hence need the results of Somaiya soon. So please can you confirm on the result date?