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hi ppl..i have a doubt in Clocks explaination in aran sharma...

Ques: at what time bw 2-3 does the hands of clock make a right angle.

Now in book he has taken the perimeter of clock 60km considering it a circular ground & min n hr hands runners(speeds would be 60kmph and 5kmph) , considering this at 2:00 min hand is 10km behind hour hand, and right anlge is made when there is 15km difference bw the hands. Relative vel = 55kmph.. what has been done in book is min hand has to cover just 25km (10 + 15)....

but that is wrong as the hour hand is moving too and is not fixed at just 2:00

my take is min hand has to cover more than 25km i.e. 10 + 15 + (5/6) distance moved by hour hand in ten minutes before being overlapped by min hand + sum more dist. covered by hr hand )

i hope you got that...plz clear my doubt abt that.. thanx !!

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hi everybody

i m little confused in arun sharmas quant question frm number system page - 20 ,ques-15

the greatest num which will divide 4003, 4126, 4249 leaving the same remainder.
ans given in book is 41

isnt it shud be the hcf of abs val of ( 4003-4126) (4126 - 4249 ) (4003 -4249 )....
which is 123.
plz help

  • HCF(4126-4003,4249-4126)HCF (123,123) = 123 since 123= 41.... 14 Sep '13.
jagadeesh j @jagdishjerri 1

HCF(4126-4003,4249-4126)HCF (123,123) = 123 since 123= 41*3 hence 41