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Oye revant bhai..... bahut wala happy budday hai..

sorry i m a day late.....

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second trim exams are inthe middle... the best part is there is 1 exam a day.... so no need to study int he trim.. 10 hours before a exam r more than sifficient..

heyy can neone tell me wats the gender ratio at nmims......
ive heard its largely skewed towards guys.....

dont worry much about the ratio man...
its even more skewed at other places...
we just have a right balance between quality and qualtity.
sorry for posting in so late...
was busy with 'other' things

Company: Saint Gobain
Profile: Marketing
Location: ?

oye raama... kya baat ai yaar itna late post kiya... CR giri bhaut load le rahi hai tera...
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NMIMS has broadly two types of programmes, MBA core and MBA sectorals. Under sectorals you have MBA Acturaials, MBA Global, MBA Capital market, MBA Retails, MBA services, MBA Banking. These are specialized cources catering to diffrent industries. Where as MBA core has the genral specialization viz. Marketin, Finance, HR, Syatems etc.


just to add...there is one more course mba- pharma management...
in totality there are 420 students in MBA programme from this year..

today saw our exam schedule .. its from 8th and course is about to get completed in many subjects...
seems we are gonna have a chill year end..
eluminate- the annual IT seminar prep. has staretd..
man.. just now got free from the website work of paragana...and now eluminate..
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Hello Guys,

Here i am writing a post after a loooooong time...
feels so goood to be back.
last few months were good but a bit hectic so in order to complete my daily quota of 8 hour sleep, i have a leave many things..
anyway, its great to see such awsome placements by my so weel known puys..
All the best guys, u all rock!!!

BTW., me got placed in VSNL ( TATA communications now)

Systems(guess there r only few in it)
Location- Mumbai.

Hope to see all u puys who have mumbai as your summer location.
would be good to catch up with u all.( and also to the 2.5 lac stipend girl from XL:satisfie:)

I am the second guy from NMIMS to post here, hope others will also join.
being in Placecom, i cant officially declare stats.


Atul Mathur

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Happy Birthday dude!!!! Logged in after a long time and guess what was the first post i made....

Have q blast!!!


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I wouldnt do it justice even if I tried ! ;-)
Something realted to sports at MDI...really feel it is BIG factor of differentiation...We have all the sports facility that you can name... Currently the football and volleyball tournaments are going on between the PG06 and PG07 batches.... and I am proud to claim that we have been on the winning side so far in the league matches... finals will most probably be held this weekend....
Volleyball games start sometime after 11 PM and it's an absolute joy to play under lights..... and football games from 6 you know why people say the dont get time in a B School....

Sahi hai bhidu..... seems u r having a helluva time there....
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Hey curtz,
You are the true torch-bearer of insanity in Bangalore
Me game any day.
Won't it be a good idea to start a new thread for the new season? This one is too old.I'm sure PG has enough server space for it Also please add a poll option for the date,if the junta have a problem.


bhai logo jala rahe ho kya?? :(

missing all the fun we had there

anyways enjoy it to the max....

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Atul- Nice to see you report from NMIMS.
Have a great time in Mumbai
Btw,Please care to update this space for the next 2 years Most of the other Life@B-School threads die their natural death a few months into PGP-1 and we never know what happens in PGP-2


i will take care that this space gets filled continuously and will try to pursuade others also to pour in their views...

lets hope the pressure is not that much...

and also this is the place where i can also be in touch with my all bangalore pg friends...

maybe rekindle the memories we have...

Thank you guys...
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