Harsh Vardhan Singh @harshcat91
RC: *H*ow do we come to know other people? Our social perceptions of others are initially based on the information we obtain about them (initial impression formation) and in some instances the attributions (inferences) we make about the causes for their behaviour. It is of course important ...
Pradeep Mohan Das @Pradeep.Mdas
Unseasonableness is a tendency to do socially permissible things at the wrong time. The unseasonable man is the sort of person who comes to confide in you when you are busy. He serenades his beloved when she is ill. He asks a man who has just lost money by paying a bill for a friend to pay a bi I...
Atul Prakash Gupta @atul7

useasonable :

  1. 1.(of weather) unusual for the time of year.
    "an unseasonable warm spell"
  2. 2.untimely; inopportune.

hope this clarifies

Sagar Gupta @sagarcat
What is the least number of cuts required to cut a cube into 84 identical pieces, assuming all the cuts are made parallel to the faces of the cube ?
Abhishek Chakrobrotty @chocomota
It is a great loss to a man ,__ he cannot laugh. (if/when)
Atul Prakash Gupta @atul7
i dont see it as proverb listed anywhere , kindly provide the link , its IF as per me
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THE WRITER IS ENAMOURED______WHAT HE WRITES a) by b) of c) with Please explain guys @ChirpiBird @scrabbler