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Critical Reasoning... (1) Judges work only for 180 days in the Supreme Court and 210 days in the High Courts. (2) The pendency of cases is mounting and, needless to say, the dilatory tactics and leisurely disposal of cases aggregate the arrears. (3) Some judges are ready to grant easy adjourn...
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We have in America a ______ speech that is neither American, Oxford English, nor colloquial English, but ______ of all three. *A.*motley, an enhancement *B.*hybrid, a combination *C.*nasal, a blend *D.*mangled, a medley. @ Asia Pacific Institute Of Management
Mansi Arora @mansiarora123
In keeping with his own ____ in international diplomacy, Churchill proposed a personal meeting of heads of government, but the effort was doomed to failure, as the temper of the times was ____ . *A.*ideas - pluralistic *B.*predilections - inimical *C.*aversions - hostile *D.*impulses - ami...
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I am looking to buy schweser notes for CFA level one dec. Any knows where I can get it from Hyderabad. Or if I have to get i couriered from Bombay - how are the reviews for Mahakali and Maruthi Book house?
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Order it from OM Books , i too used their services , they have a website as well , still i am sharing their contact numbers

9833541212 , 9833001214 , 9833851455

Mansi Arora @mansiarora123
There are nine distinct numbers of which five numbers are positive and four numbers are negative. Three numbers are chosen at random and the product of these numbers is found. How many of these products are positive? a. 30 b. 50 c. 70 d. 60 e. 40
A P Gupta @atul7

3 +ve , 2-ve 1 +ve

5C3 + 5C1 * 4C2 = 40

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is it just me or RCs (especially TIME) are getting tough to crack..I can barely use elimination in those Literature/philosohy critique type RCs? how do you guys eliminate options on these RCs? *baffled*
RC: *H*ow do we come to know other people? Our social perceptions of others are initially based on the information we obtain about them (initial impression formation) and in some instances the attributions (inferences) we make about the causes for their behaviour. It is of course important ...
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Unseasonableness is a tendency to do socially permissible things at the wrong time. The unseasonable man is the sort of person who comes to confide in you when you are busy. He serenades his beloved when she is ill. He asks a man who has just lost money by paying a bill for a friend to pay a bi I...
A P Gupta @atul7

useasonable :

  1. 1.(of weather) unusual for the time of year.
    "an unseasonable warm spell"
  2. 2.untimely; inopportune.

hope this clarifies

Sagar Gupta @sagarcat
What is the least number of cuts required to cut a cube into 84 identical pieces, assuming all the cuts are made parallel to the faces of the cube ?