• A P Gupta
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Narmeta Mounika @monu.narmeta
is der any fb/whatsapp grp for PGP converts?
A P Gupta @atul7

9853648320 , please add , thanks :) 

Subhra Halder @dmorganlaw
Where is that whatsapp wala post for converts??
Aveesh Bhatia @aveeshbhatia
please can any body tell me which mock cats 2015 were taken by- gp, shivku and gejo of cl?
Rajiv Gundi @Samvathsar
How many times have you visited iimidr website since morning?
A P Gupta @atul7

In midst of checking results i managed to score a Mi 4i ,  the only positive of being online

S S @sid4
What documents do we need to carry during the interview?
Akash Pendkar @akashpendkar
Guys , I have seen the WhatsApp group post in this group, but from the last comment i think it is not created yet. As the shortlist cut-off is out , We will create a WhatApp group to discuss around Extempore/ PI for the shortlisted candidate only. So the students who will be shortlisted, kindly...
Pretentious Monk @buzz.saha
How many 3 digit numbers are there in the decimal system which have exactly 3 digits when expressed in both Base 7 and Base 13? (a) 169 (b) 243 (c) 173 (d) 174
A P Gupta @atul7

174 , (666)base 7 maximum , (100) base 13 minimum for 3 digit in decimal

Isolated Soul @sushanthabc
Set S is formed by selecting some of the numbers from the first 110 natural numbers such that the HCF of any two numbers in the set is the same. If every pair of numbers of set S has to be relatively prime and set S has the maximum number of elements possible, then in how ways can the set S be se...
Isolated Soul @sushanthabc
Raju has 128 boxes with him. He has to put at least 120 oranges in one box and 144 at the most. Then the least number of boxes which will have the same number of oranges is: