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Just got the mail confirmation,i got transferred to IIFT Delhi from Kolkata ;-)
Thanks fellow puys

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Hi puys,

Congrats Dude

I have a confirmed seat at IIFT-K
and i'm at WL-4 for IIFT -D in SC category
So, could all the people who got thro IIFT -D and not joining ,can u please confirm your choice on the tracker or here on thread so that people like me can get an idea of my chances to get thro.

tracker link;=en&authkey;=CJjbovoN#gid=2

Thanks in advance

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They spelled IIM S- as IIM Shillang and its at Overall 40
it must have been pretty easy for Dept heads to do the rating

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sith Says
Can you tell which no. you called on and at what time? :cheerio:

Indeed What number and time,i called up in the morning but i was told that they will tell that only after 15th :lookround:

Just called up IIFT for Kolkata Merit List,a lady picked up and told to call them after 15th

Nopes.. The fees for GN is 7 lacs.. & for SC/ST, its 3.5 lacs in IIFT..
For further info, see our spreadsheet..;=CJjbovoN&hl;=en#gid=1

Dude its long back, times have changed
Inflation effect

This is for the current batch SC/ST

25-4-2011 - Rs 121500
15-10-2011 - Rs 75000
14-1-2012 - Rs 75000
13-7-2012 - Rs 116500
14-10-2012 - Rs 75000
13-1-2013 - Rs 75000

Wait for your letter to see the same
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nirav_1126 Says
there is a 50% relaxation in fees for sc/st guys in IIFT..

Yeah but even that comes close to 6 lacs
And above that add another 2 lacs for the whole 2 years.
So was just looking any info on income based scholarships .
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hi puys,

Any idea about need based scholarships at IIFT -D?


Seniors please ,any info about the scholarships.:lookround:
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Just called up the admissions office 011-26857908
A lady picked up and said Kolkata Merit list will be known in the next week,and the admission letters are being dispatched today so we can expect a mail/letter by friday.