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can any one check my waitlist status


SOM Registration IDMGW1181786
CAT Registration IDSR7545449
StatusWaitlist Number: GEN-111
You really cud have paid in IIT D as this list was evident. And then take up SOM when converted.

Still its not far. But you will now loose some money in NM. Please do not compare NM and SOM...really they are not comparable.

For the ones loosing hope, please dont give up. SOM will further show some promising movement I believe

hi dude.... actually, i converted NMIMS n took admission way before IIT D results were out...somewhere around last week March.... didnt switch to IIT D coz was like hopeful of a convert from SOM ...

yup... surely gonna lose some money in NM now ...
Huh. Lets make it 5 and more Congrats man.

My story is similar dude. Missed applying to MDI and NITIE. Rejects by FMS after a horrendous GD. Rejects by new IIM's too. My best bet was SJMSOM. Soo freaking happy.

Time to get that coveted 2.24 lakh DD done

Thanks to all those people who kept my hopes alive all this while. My nephew was born yesterday and I have this sweet news today. God cannot be more kind. Tomorrow also happens to be my last day at office and this news is really really sweet :D

Congrats to all the converters. We shall party hard. We anyway don't know whats lined up for the first week, so, how about we planning it for them

To all those who are still WL and awaiting a convert. BELIEVE. Don't ever lose hope. It moved by a staggering 22! . For the record, if you take the net movement, the last 32 WL numbers have moved with a net seat movement of -1 (Meaning, when i was wl 32, there were 21 seats to go. Now, you still have 22 more!). Hope you all clear too.

buddy.. my story is not similar ... its almost identical ... me too missed applying MDI and NITIE ... rejected by FMS n new IIMs ...

had converts from IMT - G, IIT D n NMIMS though n joined NMIMS...
NMIMS course has started also from this Monday...

was like losing hope by the day of a convert from SOM n was very sure of taking atleast 1 list more after today if at all i was to convert...

but surprise was in store today !!!! :)

one formality question for anyone who can help ... NMIMS vs SOM ... is it a plain no brainer or requires some digging ? ... puys may plz pm me if replies may go against PG rules of no comparison..

and yes.. all the best to waitlisted puys ... may u too be pleasantly surprised the next time!!

cant believe it !!!!

Confirmed !!!!!

was wl 20 !!!

sanju.kimi Says
What is "real good" according to you dude ? If it moves by 13, well, 4 people would be celebrating. 29 minutes and counting down!

man, make it 20 .. n a 5th guy would also join the celebration !
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is it a confirmed information , that once the college starts, NM won't refund fees on admission cancellation ???

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WarriorParag Says
IIM-I 1st waitlist was out on expecting more movement in 4th june waitlist:)

Next waitlist on 4th ??
Admission 2012-14 | IIM Udaipur

the above may give u some idea found it on their site

now thats some useful info... thanks buddy.. :clap:
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waited so long to use this symbol:
Converted: W/L:107 Gen
Waitlisted puys dnt wry.. 3 more waitlists to come...

congrats buddy... :cheers:

so w/l 107 also converted... jus to have an idea of the W/L movement , anybody greater than 107 converted ?
Hi Guys...I was again doing some analysis :biggrin: about the wl movement for the general category...
My estimate is that it will move by around 33

P.S. : Just an estimate , I can tell how I reached here if any one is interested.

nai yaar... calculations change karwa ke 133 tak karwaa do plz... zyaada log interest se padhenge ....

(P.S : waiting on 92 now )