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My Brief intro:
CAT11 was my first attempt with 88 percentile score
I had only 2 calls KJ and NIRMA.. Converted NIRMA
In other xams like SNAP,XAT,NMAT i performed vry badly
SO Season 11 was a disaster for me..

My prof:
10/12/BE = 76/78/67
Present Wrk Ex = 2.5 years in IT

My query is that,,, shud i go for Season 12 as i think that i deserve much better than NIRMA. ?????
Taking into account the unpredictable CAT.. i shud stay with NIRMA..??

Also, Is there any big disadvantage of having more than 3 years of work ex if i give CAT this year..

Suggestions are welcome :drinking:

Bro sweat it out. 2012 would definitely be better for you!! Id suggest giving 12 a shot (All exams you can afford )All the best!
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hii..i am cat aspirant. new in pg.
1yr exp in top IT firm in india
10/12/BTECH IT=86/77.04/8.1 dgpa
avg xtra curricular
SC category
i want new IIMs/IIT b,d,kgp/IIFT......
i have arun sharma books.
hw to prepre fr quant?n weak in english,strong in LR..the issue is i find these tough functions, 2d geometry..i was good in maths(through out career got mor than 80% in maths)but after joining IT firm i am mor of a java/j2ee guy than maths!
wat to do?
which study mats r bettr? time or CL?
i do not have enrolled yet..6months time is left, i am gonna bang my first attempt i believe.

All the best to you buddy!! All of us are going to give it our best shot. You would like to go for Time for the material. And from CL i found the mock exams really really helpful (got me 96.4) but try the mock exams only a month before. Now i would reommend going for Time Materials
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Hi Guys,
Just Deal with a big blow. Not in at 96.4 percentile at IIT R. Was the only college id applied for (didnt get shortlisted for the IIMs).
Now have decided to give CAT 12 with a ruthless vigour. I know sounds too optimistic, but with target the 100 percentile group!! All the best to all you aspirants. Hope to have good company for this year CAT.

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Bharat_Arora Says
cnvrtd will not be joining ..wl moves by 1 in case i cnvrt it

Congrats bro.. All the best..
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Pinto Says
yes sure those were for GD /PI

Ok bro thanks...
pranav2209 Says
I am damn sure! I was shortlisted! And i know people who weren't dur to low sectionals. So chill out bro! :)

phew!!! weight of my chest.. thanks man
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Bro don't worry...
Those aren't the cutoffs for final selection! Those were for the GT/PI shortlisting!

Are you all really really sure??
castiel14791 Says
dat was for gd/pi..agar aisa kuch hotaa toh tumhe gd/pi ke liye bhi nahi bulaate..don wry..u have crossed dat hurdle :)

are you really really sure??? I doubt IIT M had given individual cutoffs at the time of GD/PI bro.
castiel14791 Says
U have to login pdf

bro IIT M has given cutoff for quant as 88, is it likely IIT R would use something like this?? my quant is 86.4.
Pinto Says
jayesh bhai ka kya hua?

Bro IIT Madras has given Quant and Verbal cutoff of 88 for general. Is it likely IIT R will use the same?? My Quant is 86.4 and verbal is 98.72.
anybody any idea??