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Hi All,

well being the alumni of this college, Wat I can say is that.. ROI is very gud if you get the job... Fees is not more than 2 lacs inclusive hostel and mess.. But concern is placement which is not so good...

As per the education quality of the institute.. its deterioting day by day.. dun have quality faculty... you will get ample of facilities but guidance is nowhere in this college.. so it become worthless...

Now its up to you guys... to make a call or not!!!

Dear Friends
Please update me about Placement and fee structure of MBA in IIIT- Allahabad



Well the fee structure of IIIT will be around Rs 30,000 per sem which includes ur tution fees and hostel & mess fee... which means everything!!!

Placement is goin on, the latest scenario u will get to know later this month.

however last year we have KPMG, Deloitte, Wipro consulting, Congnizant, Satyam, IMRB, HCL.. to name a few for the profile of associates...

any more info required.. lemme know
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toxicme007 Says
Bro......did u actually calld me Mr. Pakora........................frankly love to be on sch familiar cosy tell me somthg bout u so that I can rtrn the favour by inventing one sch for u.......................

Hey Shubhang sorry for late reply..kinda busy...well yaar dont take it otherwise... nothing personal, its just like having fun..well u can come up with nething..always welcome...However I have already introduced myself(check out ealier post)...well shubhang ur face looks familiar.. I was wondering you have ne connection from College of Engg roorkee...I think i have seen u there i have passsed out from there in 2005...I think you were there in junior batch..kindly update me on this..I was about to speak to you on the selection process day howvere couldn't..well lets meet on 17th and clear all my doubts...

hi formulaone....okay........dont know whether shd give my identity over here or not...let me b a bit toxic for time far as pechan is concernd...if u were there on the day aftr the writtn test was done, I am the fellow who went to the front of the audi to play songs from the instii comp & was later joind by others.....does that ring any bell..........nywj can u gimme ur identity, etc.....;LETS GET FAMILIAR BOYS....

P.S.:where r the female junta of IIIT

Helloo Mr. Pakora,

ohh come on yaar whos gonna make use of your identity...or you wanna be remember as the person who played the music or like DJ.....come on show ur self...these are our batchmates!!!! This is how u get familiar!!!
thnx boss bacha liya.i hope we will be given single seater rooms in final year(as the site says so).me arriving on 16th at alld.can i stay in the hostel for the night of 16th.also r the bathroom attached or daily morning we will have to stand in line.alld is very hot we will definitely be needing coolers.
when r u coming.yaar no other batchmate is joining pg.i think they must not be aware of pg.roz sochta hoon koi to naya milega pg par.killing time by just watching tv.

Hi Hemant! well i have no idea to stay in the hostel on 16th...well some of the guys are arriving on that day...bathrooms are not attached...might be possible you have make a queue...well thats the part of hostel life full of fun!! yes indeed we wil be needing the coolers..this is the first thing i m gonna do when i reached college...I had a very bad experience of staying in the hostel!!! We'll reaching 17th morning....
nice said yaar i have given in my papers and at present enjoying life to the fullest. yaar time pass nahin hota.waiting desperately for 17th.
during the 2 days that i spent at iiit i went to their hostel.yaar rooms bahut chhote hain.start hote hee finish ho jate hain.we even do not have seperate almirah and seperate study table.we will have to share everything except bed and chair.pata nahin kya hoga.

Hi Hemant!!! yaar the hostel where we stayed is single seater not two seater.....I was also in doubt whether we have to share it....then my friend who is pursuing MS there told me its a single seater room....we would be allocated rooms in new boys hostel..where we had the dinner....thats has morw space and separate almirahs .....yaar sahi keh rahe ho...bahut boring ho gaya hai...jab se resign diya company walo ne kaam dena hi band kar diya hai...khaali saare time bore hote raho....eagerly waiting to start the collegeg life again....
hey at1 me hemant mishra

from jaipur b.e.(cs) with 17 months work ex

cat 93.43
out of 60 only 3 guys have logged on pg.numbers sould will definitely help us in knowing us better before we formally meet on 17th.
from where r u.

Well said hemant. I m also waiting for our batchmates to turn up on this....Well i m from moradabad(u.p.) however working in Noida from past two years. Yaar u can call me Ankit.
So whats up these days? are u working these days? b'coz I m serving the notice period in my company.
hey guys me hemant kumar mishra. it looked as if the entire process was a mere formality.there was nothing like "selection" as everyone got selected.yes the first passage of eng. was a disaster.may be they were trying to give us a hint of our future days(just joke).waiting for 17th july.the range of %ile was quite large from 70+ to 95.
i doubt whether they really shortlisted or every one who applied got a call.
whether having a laptop is compulsory.will the college assist us in this.
keep this thread lively till we join.

Hi hemant gud to know people are now turning up on this.....well u can join the community on orkut of our batch "IIIT allahabad MBA 07-09"..and tell us more abt urself.
hii seniors,

myself Vipul Sehgal

M.Sc Physics from University of Delhi.

can u tell me if we'll have classes on the first day i.e 17 july???

Hey Vipul gud to hear from you!!! yaar lagta hai seniros busy hai!!!
Hey can can u tell me abt dis year selection process in details....
wat wz d cut off dis year

Well the cut off was not fixed as there was people with 70 %tile and 90 %tile...might be possible it was profile based.

Well selection process was not total 108 got the call..out of which only 72 turn up...

Selction process was of two days...on first day it was a written test which has lot of mistakes.
eg. in maths there was aquestion the vaue of f(3) is? however there was not function english there was lot of mistakes... well I have marked all as there was no negative marking...

then there was a GD topic was " world is a stage...." two lady in a the time was given 10 mins however it was wind up in 5 mins...seems like a formality!!!

Then there was PI round ...i got the panel which comprises two men and a this i got into argument with the lady about whether money is imp or knowledge..i stick to was fun!!! not a very rigorous one...lady trying to drill but it was ok...

then next day I waitied for the the evening declared...60 selected, 5 waiting...out of 72...unlucky 7 ....

well this was the whole process....