i am also in a same situation.. :((
what if they back out & don't refund money....shuld i get it cleared from admin.??

same situation with me too...has nyone in previous year batches opted out frm jims and gt the refund.??
rohit kindly check ur messages .left one query 4u.
what is the refund policy of jims???? do they refund the money if admission is cancelled.nyone has ny idea?
i heard that by may almost all seats in navi mumbai campus get filled .i have my exams in april.and gd pi in ranchi is in the month of may which i intend to ,will i be able to get selected for itm navi mumbai campus at that time??
has everyone recieved their scorecards???? i havent received it .what has to be done?
is jaipuria a gud institute.any one has filled its form??????
which is better among jims rohini and itm navi mumbai???
How to solve questions on efficiency(time and work).Can anyone plz ans the following question and also explain .
A can do 50% more work than B in the same time.If B can do a work in 20hours .In how many Hours will both complete the work if they work together?
I really dread the quantitative section of cat.Can anyone suggest how to begin its preparation right from scratch.
one more question they frequently ask is tht how can u relate ur graduation stream to the field u r about to choose i.e mfm?now i come frm biotech in this world am i supposed to prove a link btwn biotech & fashion management??if they put any such questions ,can anyone suggest a possible ans??