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CMAT scorecards out: B-schools still making sense of CMAT scores for use in admissions

Top b-schools that are accepting the CMAT scores are still working on a strategy to incorporate the new test in their admissions processes.

A screenshot of a blank CMAT scorecard

Five days after All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) declared the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) results on their website, it released the individual scorecards for all CMAT aspirants today. While the earlier results declared on March 11, 2012 had published only the rank and the total marks obtained by students, today's scorecards also share sectional marks.

However, percentiles --- a staple of Indian management entrance tests --- are conspicuous by their absence. Dr N Sambandam, dean (academics) at Goa Institute of Management (GIM), said that it was a conscious decision by the AICTE to not disclose percentiles to the students. However, all the colleges who are considering CMAT scores for admissions will be provided a complete list of the marks obtained by all the students who appeared for the exam. With such a list, institutes can calculate percentiles themselves if they need to.

On its part, GIM has e-mailed everyone who had applied through CMAT requesting them to communicate their scores and ranks.

Out of about 7,500 applications that the institute received, 550-odd have come through CMAT, Sambandam sais. The cutoff will be declared once the institute gets all the scores from candidates.

KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai is accepting CMAT scores for admissions to PGDM in Financial Services, Retail Management and Executive, for which the application deadline has been extended up to April 20. Suresh Ghai, director-general of KJ Somaiya said that the institute will consider CMAT at an equal footing with other management exams.

On the other hand, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad is yet to zero in on an admission strategy for CMAT. The application deadline for the institute has already passed. IMT is however accepting CMAT scores for admissions to its Nagpur and Hyderabad campuses. While IMT too has requested its CMAT applicants to communicate their results to the institute, it is still not sure how it would use the scores.

Dr AM Sherry, admission chairperson at IMT Ghaziabad said that since this was the first CMAT, it would take the institute some time before they will be able to decide on a specific admission strategy. He said that the institute would be working on equalising the scores of CAT, GMAT and CMAT.

Colleges in Maharashtra that usually conduct their admissions via the Maharashtra CET will be accepting CMAT scores for their Outside Maharashtra Students (OMS) category seats. The state's Directorate of Technical Education will operate the admissions process. If candidates have applied through both the CET and the CMAT, DTE will pick up the best of the two scores. For those who have applied only through CMAT, DTE will convert their scores to be equivalent to the CET.

Meanwhile, Rav Singh of CET coaching workshops 'CETking' sent us the following projected cutoffs for CMAT based on his analysis.


Expected CMAT Cut off score

Expected CMAT Cut off Rank




Sydenham MMS



KJ Somaiya MMS



Welingkar MMS



Welingkar PG



KJ Somaiya PG



Goa Institute of Management



IMT Nagpur



IMT Hyderabad



  • my score 211..any chance f gettng calls frm gim n kj som?. 21 Oct '13.
  • apply to all 3 ,i wud rand them as following Somaiya (MMS.... 21 Apr.
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nitya gupta @nitya101289 1,075

my score 211..any chance f gettng calls frm gim n kj som?

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apply to all 3 ,i wud rand them as following Somaiya (MMS) ,Welingkar (MMS) ,Welingkar -PGDBM-Mumbai , ITM PGDM(Navi Mumbai) ,ITM PGDM(International Business) ,Welingkar PGDBM-e-biz ...

IIM Indore to grant IGNOU degrees to IPM students, applies for deemed university status on the side

Students of the five-year IPM degree at IIM Indore would now be granted IGNOU distance learning degrees to substitute the institute's lack of degree-granting powers.

Photo: Dhairyasheel Gore

Students of the five-year Integrated Management Programme (IPM) at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore would now get a distance learning Bachelor's degree from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the first three years of their course.

Additionally, IIM Indore has applied for 'deemed university' status to the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry, making it the first IIM to do so. Becoming a deemed university would make the institute eligible to hand out Bachelor's degrees to the IPM students under its own banner. Sources at IIM Indore told PaGaLGuY that the institute had applied for deemed university status in November, 2011 itself, had initiated a dialogue with HRD Minister Kapil Sibal and was awaiting a response.

Launched in 2011, the IPM is the first foray of an IIM into undergraduation. The five-year course admits students directly after school and imparts them three years of undergraduate education followed by a two-year post graduate diploma in management. The course had gotten on to a rough start with concerns that students would be left without a formal bachelor's or master's degree at the end of it.

On the side, IIM Indore has forged an affiliation with IGNOU to impart distance learning degrees to IPM students as a fallback option. A first-year IPM student who did not wish to be named confirmed to PaGaLGuY that the students had already filled out IGNOU forms provided by the IIM last week. The students have been communicated that the on-the-side degree from IGNOU would cost them Rs 1,600 per semester, adding up to a total of Rs 9,600 for the entire three years. They were asked to choose the course they would like to pursue and out of the wide variety, most in the debut IPM batch picked BCom (Hons), BCA and BBA. IGNOU officials have told the students that they will provide course material in the form of books or CDs. At the end of five years, IPM students would have a Bachelor's degree from IGNOU and a two-year post-graduate diploma from IIM Indore. The students are awaiting further details to come by the end of this week.

Officials from the IGNOU learning centre at Indore delivered a presentation to the IPM students explaining how things would exactly work. "IGNOU has a centre in Indore where they generally hold weekend classes. If we want, we can attend the classes. Otherwise, we have been assured by our professors at IIM that they will help us deal with the additional workload. The IIM authorities have also said that they will make sure our IPM exams do not coincide with the IGNOU exams that are generally held twice a year in January and June, an IPM student told PaGalGuY.

Aware that IIM Indore had applied for deemed university status, IPM students said that they were relieved that this step had been taken. It would be great if the institute gets university status. However, till the time it happens, the absence of a degree at the end of the course was the one dark cloud that was hanging over our heads. The affiliation with IGNOU has solved that problem now, the first-year IPM student said.

IIM Indore had also been working on a collaboration with a foreign university or one with an Indian government university to grant degrees to IPM students. The institute has touched base with Delhi University and Mumbai University for this purpose and had received a positive response, but there had been no progress beyond that point, informed a source at IIM Indore.

Despite repeated attempts, IIM Indore's director or the person in-charge of IPM were unavailable for comment.

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This course is going to be a hit.. technical glitches will be sorted out in near future..
Sandeep Ganapa @gansan
@nerd0422 IIM is one of the top B-Schools in india .. it may not be in top 5 but it always ranks around 8 ... and more over the intake of students is more compared to other IIM's and hence average salary goes down,so does the the rank as placements play a major role in determining the rank of IIM's.

Use X, XII aggregate percentage in CAT registrations or be disqualified

Photo courtesy: QuinnDombrowski

The Common Admission Test admission rules are very clear. On the website, it clearly states that the percentages for both X and XII have to be calculated taking into account all subjects mentioned on the candidate’s marksheet.

Yet, every year, many candidates do just the opposite, especially those from the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC) boards. They calculate their percentages on the basis of the best four out of five subjects.

Some of the Indian Institutes of Management have found a way around such ‘confused’ candidates - they simply do not admit them.

Sanjeet Singh, admission co-ordinator, IIM Calcutta, wonders why candidates are even doubtful about such simple issues. "When the CAT website clearly states that the aggregate percentage has to be mentioned, there is no question of a different rule for different boards," he said.

Candidates who calculate their percentages on the basis of best of five often go through the initial process of admissions but get stuck at the final count. Prof Arnab K Laha, admission director, IIM Ahmedabad, said that there is no way to cross check the percentages at the initial stage. “All candidates who have got calls are allowed to participate in the GD/PI process. However, when the final admission lists are being prepared, the percentages are cross checked with the candidate’s original documents.”

Dr Laha remembers encountering such cases last year too. “In such cases, even if there was a change in percentage, the candidate was allowed admission to the b-school if he fulfilled the admission criteria. However, when a candidate’s percentage fell below the institute requirements, he was disqualified from the admission process,” he said.

Candidates who have indeed inserted the best of four out of five marks in their application forms says that the CAT registration forms ask that percentages have to be calculated according to respective ‘board’ rules. “According to my board (ICSE and ISC), the final percentage is best four out of five respectively. I mentioned the percentages accordingly," an aspirant who did not wish to be named told PaGaLGuY.

Another aspirant who has also mentioned his percentage based on marks in best four out of five subjects admits that he made a mistake. He has got a call from IIM Kozhikhode but is unsure about the course of action he should take now. “I think I will meet the institute’s requirements even with my aggregate percentage scores. I don’t know whether I should contact the institute or just land at the institute,” he said.

However, some b-schools such as IIM Ranchi do not give weightage to standard X and XII percentages. MJ Xavier, Director, IIM Ranchi said that he has never really come across this problem. "Although it does not make a difference in the admission process to our institute, if some aspirants are not filling up their aggregate marks, it is unfair to those who are," he concluded.
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Hello Friends, Please fill the below survey on fizzy drinks I need for a marketing project of my college IIM Shillong. It will take just 2 mins of your precious time.

Thank you!

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all rubbish... i think there is no need of good acadmic records to becoem a manager....

Being a leader is taking the positive with the negative, says Prof Keya Sengupta, IIM Shillong's new acting director

The Indian Institute of Management Shillong' s first director Prof Ashoke K Dutta bid farewell to the institute on Monday, Prof Keya Sengupta took charge as the acting director. PaGaLGuY is the first to speak to her.

Prof Keya Sengupta, Director in-charge, IIM Shillong (Photo Courtesy: Astha A)

Bidding farewell to its first director Prof Ashoke K Dutta on Monday, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong welcomed its new and the first ever lady director (in-charge), Prof Keya Sengupta. In her first interview, the acting director discussed her plans for the institute. Having been a part of IIM Shillong as dean, Research, Prof Sengupta has a fair idea of the institute's operations, and is all set to take the legacy of the institute forward - in terms of sustainability, technological advancements and building new programs forward.

As the first woman to be director of an IIM, please share your thoughts?

Since the time the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) communicated to me that it would like me to take charge, the idea has still not sunk in. First and foremost, Prof Dutta left a strong legacy behind, wherein he has built IIM Shillong from scratch and has brought it to the stronghold today. I plan to take that legacy forward in the best possible manner. I will not say I don't have apprehensions about being a woman in a top position, but being a leader means facing both, the positive and negative situations with the same mindset.

What are the immediate plans of action?

Sustainability is one of the institutes ideals. When we use the term we do not refer to only green sustainability but also sustainability as a whole. Our programs are a step in this direction anyway. If we cannot sustain the society, we cannot sustain ourselves. In addition, we have a foundation course which is mandatory for each student who enters the institute. The course essentially teaches them to expand their thought processes in a manner that gives them alternate and maybe better solutions to the problems around them.

For me, the immediate plan of action is to collect all the work in progress and build up on those factors. Also, one of the things our former Director held close to his heart was to make a deeper impact on the local community. So we want to add some programs that will provide formal training in this area. While we already have The Centre for Development of the North Easter Region (CEDNER) that works on various projects specific to this part of the country that would help the area to progress. In addition, we would also like to provide formal education that would help students understand the local requirements in a better manner.

We have already started a couple of new programs in the form of an Executive Post Graduate Program (PG-PEx) on International Business with special reference to China. Next, we are planning to launch a two-year PGP-Ex in judiciary sciences in collaboration with West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences and also a two-year program in Financial Sciences in collaboration with National Stock Exchange (NSE). These are the immediate points of concern for me.

What about the new campus?

The new campus is being built on a 120-acre land piece located around 15 kms from the present campus. The roots of IIM Shillong lie in the idea of sustainability and a green, clean environment. Keeping this in mind, the new campus is going to be a completely green campus. Although hill stations do create a slight problem in terms of adding costs of construction, however, building a green campus will be extremely profitable in the long run. Rain water harvesting, water drainage systems, horticultural activities, solar energy preservation, constructing the buildings in a manner which utilizes the daylight in the best possible manner and provides protection from cold winds, innovative technological usage, energy conservation and green buildings are some of the factors that are being kept in mind while building the campus.

We are also making good progress in terms of construction. One of the walls has been built and tenders for the construction of the buildings have also been prepared. The architecture will also have a slight ethnic touch that will add to the value of the structure. It will be more than just being a massive corporate structure.

What are your views about increasing diversity?

As far as female-male diversity is concerned, our institute has always maintained a comfortable 30-40 percent girl ratio in our batches. When we talk about discipline diversity, we have made it a point to focus more on constant performers as opposed to focussing on engineers who get a high percentile in their CAT exam. This has been apparent through the fact that we did not call a few 100 percentilers for admissions this year. We want to have a diverse background and through our admission criteria we have been able to achieve that objective.

There was a mention of shifting the institutes placement process to a nearby city for better access to companies. Any progress on the idea?

Our placement process is essentially a rolling one. While during last years process, most of the companies came on campus, a few were even open to the idea of holding interviews through video conferencing. However, it is obvious that a few companies are not open to either of the options. Although the location of the institute has not affected out placement process in any manner, we are still considering the option of changing our placement process strategy for next year to fill in the gap of attracting all companies for placements at the institute. We may shift to a new location but the concept is still in its formation stages.

Any final comments?

Since I have taken charge only recently, it will take me some time to consolidate all the present data. While in the very first month I will not take any initiative, since I have to settle down and understand the working of the institute in its totality, I will definitely think about the next step soon.

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Shyam Teegala@steegala 

It all happened because of Keya Sengupta Keya Sengupta was never the Director of IIM Shillong-She was only made a temporary incharge of Director's work (in complete violation of the memorandum of association of the institute) pending the appointment of a regular full time Director. She is a second class MA, ineligible even for the post of an Assistant Professor and was illegally appointed without ant advertisement or facing a duly constituted selection committee! She is a power hungry incompetent woman who immediately after getting the temporary charge of Director's work, self appointed herself as Director on a printed letter heads of IIM Shillong. Impersonating as Director, she was responsible for suspending on cooked up and fake charges, terminating without any reason and dismissing many of her senior colleagues, who were in the race for Director's Position as advertised by MHRD. She was responsible for literally destroying the team of people painstakingly gathered by Prof. Ashoke Kumar Dutta, the Founding Director. She appeared for an interview for the post of Director and was very rightly rejected by the selection committee constituted by the MHRD. A person with poor academic record and a second class in the master's degree cannot be appointed even as an Assistant Professor in any institute of National Importance!

Well, it is heartening to see I am still remembered by some people here!

As for the answers, here goes!

1- What made you to be a journalist ?

The only thing I was good at in school was English. The only career option that stuck was journalism. (Teaching never appealed). So here I am!

2-Why you took retirement from PG ?

It was time to move on!

3- Meerut me Garmi kaisi h ?

Bahut kharab! Evaporating!

4- Sabse Jyada Barf kaha Padti h ?

Jahan sabse kam garmi hoti hai... :P 

5- Are you single ?


6-Condition of journalism in India ?

Journalism is difficult anywhere. We have to leave our sentiments behind and think like a reporter all the time. 

7- Message to the puys ?

Keep rocking! All the best! Restart the IDK3 thread and enjoy!

8- When you're coming back to PG ?

Well, Wont be coming back as a team member. But PG is like my family. So Im always around if Im needed!

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@hiteshpratap nice to see you as well You've been missing on fb too 

Swapnil Dharmsktu, only female student at IIM Kashipur is 'most wanted' during group assignments for 'other' view point

Swapnil Dharmsktu

Like most MBA students, an average day for Swapnil Dharmsktu, a first-year student at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kashipur involves long lectures, tough assignments and little sleep. What makes this 23-year old girl stand apart is that as the first and only female Post Graduate Program (PGP) student at the youngest IIM in the country, Swapnil is experiencing an adventure of a lifetime.

Claiming that a complete record of her experiences could fill up a book, this confident and soft-spoken student started off by saying that she is currently occupying the largest room in the co-ed hostel. Teased with living in space enough to house four boys, her room is often invaded for committee meetings, she said. Without stopping for breath, she added that whether during committee meetings, lectures or assignments; taking a back seat was not an option for her. All the boys make sure that she never has a minute alone, “Even when I want it,” she said with a laugh.

On more occasions than one, the guys forget that they have a girl in their presence and use profanities. “The expressions on their face after the realization dawns and their immediate apologies always make me laugh,” Swapnil said. However, she is pampered by all seventy-eight senior and junior boys, she agreed. From taking care that she does not travel alone in three-wheelers to helping her in group assignments, the boys make sure she does not feel the absence of girls on campus too keenly, Swapnil told PaGaLGuY.

Originally from Haldwani district in Uttaranchal, a mere 72 kms from Kashipur, this B.Sc (Forestry) graduate from Pantnagar University has seen IIM Kashipur being set up from scratch. As a resident of the area and understanding the value of an IIM degree, Swapnil faced no doubts while choosing IIM Kashipur over pursuing an Agricultural Business Management (ABM) degree from National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management in Hydrabad


Swapnil Dharmsktu, on the extreme right

The college had been clear in communicating that she will be the only female amongst two batches at the institute. While this factor may raise some eyebrows, Swapnil’s entire family was extremely enthusiastic about her becoming a part of the IIM fraternity. “Agriculture is more popular amongst the male population. Even my college had more boys than girls. I am used to handling myself around boys,” she said with a confident smile.

Although she had the option of pursuing higher education in forestry, Swapnil had wanted to pursue a PGPM from IIM Kashipur since her final graduation year. An ABM degree, she feels, would have got her either a government forestry department job or a position on a research team. However, she was interested in neither. With a long term goal to establish an eco-tourism business in Uttaranchal, her immediate plans are to get absorbed in any private company that works in the area of forest management . If unable to achieve this goal, an MBA would offer her a plethora of job opportunities in the marketing sector, her preferred area of specialization.

Apart from dealing with the taxing curriculum, Swapnil is also a part of the Media and Public Relations Cell (MPRC). Kapil Vaish, a second-year student and head of the MPRC said that a large part of Swapnil’s job is to disseminate all doubts amongst future female aspirants applying to the institute. He added that the major anxieties communicated to the senior batch by girl students are about the location and safety issues. However, he is hopeful that Swapnil’s presence in the team will help absolve these doubts to a major degree. “Although I have personally not been approached by any girl candidates so far, we have our strategies in place. I will make sure that I resolve all apprehensions voiced by girl candidates,” Swapnil said.

Besides being enthusiastic about resolving the issue of diversity at the institute, the boys also enjoy Swapnil’s company a lot. While second-year students mourn the absence of girls in their batch, first-years make sure that they involve her in as many activities as possible. “Everyone wants her in their group for class assignment. She helps introduce a unique viewpoint,” Vivek Goyal, a first-year student said.

Girl-talk is the only aspect Swapnil misses. However, after four months in the institute, the lively conversationalist has made sure that the closest of her friends engage in a little gossip.

However, amidst the busy routine of the day, Swapnil does not get affected by the lack of female company. Being a part of the co-ed hostel assures that she is never at a loss for company or help. “Once I had run out of medication and woke up half the hostel for help. All of them remained anxious till the time I got appropriate medication,” she said. Although increasing the number of female students in IIM Kashipur remains a major issue, it is not the sole focus of her existence at the institute. “My aim is to make the best use of this opportunity. I have a goal in mind and I will be successful,” she concluded.

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mannnnn........... its nt bout just a grl bt bout all the othr guyz.... guyz mus b freakin out evryday seeing the one n only SWAPNIL in the campus...... glad tht i hv many swapnils around me...
Harshit Puranik @hpuranik99 23
ohh I took it for granted that anyone who will look at the pics will atleast read the heading of the article first...

Mah DTE Director proposes accepting of ATMA scores for OMS

Apprehensive about vacant MBA seats in Maharashtra, DTE has proposed including ATMA scores for OMS/State seats.

Photo credit: foxypar4 (

Just when Maharashtra based b-schools were close to figuring out their admission strategy based on Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) scores, the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) in the state has stirred things up again.

The DTE has sent a proposal to the state government to accept AIMS Test for Management Education (ATMA) score in addition to CMAT scores for all the MBA seats previously catered by the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (Mah-CET), Dr SK Mahajan, Director, DTE told PaGaLGuY today.

A senior DTE official also based in Maharashtra added that although preference will still be given to CMAT scores, the proposal to include ATMA scores for admissions is just a precaution to ensure that all the MBA seats in the states b-schools get filled.

Despite a state specific Mah-CET, over the past couple of years the DTE has struggled to fill all the MBA seats in Maharashtra. Since CMAT is a national test and yet to gain popularity amongst students, the possibility of empty MBA seats in the state could increase. "This is the situation that we are looking to avoid," the official added.

Wont this step go against the idea of moving towards a single national MBA entrance test? Although in favour of the concept of a single national test, the official said that the immediate priority is to ensure that all management seats in the state get filled. If a student is unable to appear for the CMAT for some reason, he/she should have another chance to become a management student, he said.

According to the present directives issued by the state government, once the AICTE sends DTE result data of both CMAT September 2012 and February 2013 tests, the DTE will draw up a merit list. After the merit list is out, students will have to go online and register for their GD/ PI on the DTE website. The DTE will then hold three rounds of admission interviews to the states b-schools on the basis of the registrations.

However, the DTE is apprehensive that even three rounds might not be enough to fill almost 48,000 seats that the states b-schools have to offer.

The proposal sent to the State government by the DTE states that while the first three rounds for interviews will be conducted on the basis of CMAT scores, if seats still remain empty, another round will be conducted on the basis of the candidates ATMA scores.

Although the Maharashtra state government has not yet responded to the proposal, the DTE is hoping for a positive response by the end of this month, the DTE official concluded.

  • How can colleges remain vacant after CAT & CMAT.. there i.... 20 Nov '12.
  • "The proposal sent to the State government by the DTE sta.... 20 Nov '12.
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Sirius Bose @sirius273 47
How can colleges remain vacant after CAT & CMAT.. there is MAT too !!
Sravanth Vangara @sra1th 245
"The proposal sent to the State government by the DTE states that while the first three rounds for interviews will be conducted on the basis of CMAT scores, if seats still remain empty, another round will be conducted on the basis of the candidates ATMA scores."
So, JB won't have any effect!!!

IIM Rohtak final placements 2012: HSBC and Tata Group among top recruiters

BFSI, IT and Energy sectors recruited the maximum chunks of students.

IIM Rohtak, batch of 2012

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Rohtak which became operational in 2010, concluded its final placement process for its first ever graduating batch last week. In the rolling process, a total of 58 offers (including six lateral and five pre-placement offers) were made by 27 companies to a batch of 47 students.

Total Batch Strength47
Number of offers made58
Lateral offers made6
Lateral offers accepted6
PPOs made5
PPOs accepted1
Highest salary offeredRs 28.5 lakhs per annum
Lowest salary offeredRs 7 lakhs per annum

The institute provided a function wise drilldown for its 2012 batch.

Finance: 28% of the total batch are taking up jobs in the finance function. The major companies who came to campus include HSBC, HDFC, Yes Bank, Max New York Life Insurance, RBI and Tata Power among others. While HSBC offered Investment Banking and Equity Research profiles, Yes bank offered a corporate banking profile. In addition, the Reserve Bank of India offered roles in Central Banking with Max New York Life Insurance offering Investment Analyst roles.

Marketing: Marketing profiles were taken up by 32% of the participants. Business development profiles were offered by Pfizer and Tata Motors while Titan and Berger Paints offered Retail Marketing roles. In addition Tata Steel offered B2B sales roles to students. Other companies that came on campus included Mother Dairy.

Consulting and IT: 17% students received offers in IT and Consulting functions. Cognizant as well as Ernst & Young were among the top recruiters in this functions. Cognizant recruited students as Business Analysts while Ernst & Young offered Business Advisory Profiles.

Operations and General Management The final 23% of the batch opted to take up roles in the operations and general management functions. Operations manager, Regional Head in Strategy Department as well as Senior Manager in the international division were some of the profiles offered in these functions.

Average salary by function

FunctionAverage Salary in Rs (lakhs/annum)
General Management11.30

The institute further provided a sector wise break down of 2012 batch jobs

Consumer Durables4%
  • Was there any lateral placement IIM - Rohtak for work ex .... 26 Mar '12.
  • @panacea7676: All i can say is this is the most preposter.... 25 Mar '12.
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Cat Krazzy @CatKrazzy 309
Was there any lateral placement IIM - Rohtak for work ex people??
Sourjo Mukherjee @Sourjo 1,664
@panacea7676: All i can say is this is the most preposterous rumour i have heard. If he is giving you such wrong information, that person is definitely not a "friend" of yours. Peace.

AIMA contemplating shutting MAT down in view of pressure for single entrance test

Following the HRD ministry's indication that there would be only one management entrance exam, AIMA is contemplating shutting down its MAT entrance test.

The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) held four times every year by the All India Management Association (AIMA) might be discontinued in the next twelve months, sources at AIMA told PaGaLGuY today.

The possible shutdown of the test is a response to the Human Resources Development Ministry's indication that there would eventually be a common entrance test for all MBA admissions in the country. Sources at AIMA told PaGaLGuY that the ministry had hinted to them that the MAT would have to close down.

It is common knowledge that the HRD Ministry wants to condense all entrance tests into one common MBA admission test. Since the Common Admission Test (CAT) already serves the top b-schools of the country, the chances of CAT being made the sole entrance exam in the near future are extremely high, said a top official at AIMA who did not wish to be named.

AIMA indicated that it had resigned to the ultimate fate of the exam. At the end of the day it is a decision of the Ministry. Even if we dont like the decision, we have to adhere to it, the official said.

Questioned about the introduction of the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) the official said, AICTE's intentions behind introducing the new test are not clear. However, if the Ministry has allowed AICTE to go ahead with its test, then there should be specific reasons to justify it.

The official added that one of the major advantages of the MAT over the CMAT was that the MAT still allowed the option of a paper-pencil format apart from the computer-based option. Till date we have been geting maximum registrations for the paper-based version of the MAT. I think the disadvantage of being a completely computer-based test is going to affect the popularity of CMAT, the official said.

Talking about AIMAs future post-MAT, another source at AIMA said, AIMA is not limited to the MAT entrance exam. We also conduct high-end management summits and marketing events. Although the exact time period after which the MAT will be discontinued has not yet been officially frozen yet, we have already started working on alternate plans of functioning beyond MAT, which will include intensification of our management events. Management has great prospects in the country, which are yet untapped."

Although multiple sources at AIMA confirmed talks about a possible shutdown of the test, AIMA's official public relations department refused to toe the line.

The MAT, which is accepted by a multitude of second and third tier b-schools, is conducted four times a year in February, May, September, and December and is taken a total of 3 lakh times, including repeat test takers. Candidates are all set to appear for the next MAT on December 4.

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Its good move...Also MAT xam was not helping much in fetching good colleges...also the colleges which do accept MAT score also accepts some other xam score..I think this move should have been taken bit earlier... ANyways...better late than never...:-)
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bechare AIMA waalon ki to lag gayi........

UPDATE: CMAT Feb 2013 results declared

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UPDATE (12 midnight), March 13, 2013: CMAT Feb 2013 resultS declared. You can view your results here.

UPDATE (10.00PM) : SS Mantha, Chairman, AICTE has just told us that the results of the CMAT Feb 2013 will be declared at midnight. AICTE had earlier told us that the results will be declared at 9 pm. However, they failed to stick to the deadline. This is the second lapse today after the alleged results link which surfaced earlier in the day. We are keeping a tab on the CMAT results and will keep you updated.

Results for the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) held in February 2013 will be out by 9 PM tonight but we already know that Mikin Mayur Bhai Shah from Ahmedabad has topped the test by scoring 376 out of 400. Padaki Sagar Srinivas from Mumbai has ranked second with a score of 360 while Preeti Chakravorty from Cochin gets the third rank with a score of 354, SS Mantha, Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), confirmed to PaGaLGuY.

The other candidates in the top ten include 4 students from Mumbai and one each from Chandigarh, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Maharashtra saw the maximum number of test takers at 56,000. In addition, the national average marks scored stand at 94 with the male average score at 98 and the female average score at 88. Of the 1.45 lakh students who registered for the exam, as many as 35% were girls. Reserved category students constituted around 32% (OBC - 23%, SC - 8%, ST - 1%) of the candidates, Mantha added.

Questioned again about the fiasco with the alleged fake scorecards released hours before the final results of the February 2013 CMAT, Mr Mantha retracted his earlier statement that the scorecards are fake. He told PaGaLGuY that AICTE had been testing the uploaded data during which some students were able to view the scorecards. However, he refused to comment whether the results viewed by the aspirants were genuine or not.

Clearing confusion on the eligibility of candidates who can appear for the extra May 2013 CMAT, Mantha confirmed that the candidates can take a maximum of two attempts for the academic year 2013-15. “Those who have taken only one test i.e September 2012 or February 2013 CMAT will be allowed to appear for the May 2013 CMAT,” Mantha concluded.

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Well i would suggest to wait for official notification , since there is no clarity on whther Acads , Work ex do carry any weightage or not , it might be a game changer .
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Y dnt you try ifeel institute (institute for future education entrepreneurship and leadership ) its a residential campusits a venture of ifeel and academicpartner of we school.

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