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Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di... 8)

Well, it is heartening to see I am still remembered by some people here!

As for the answers, here goes!

1- What made you to be a journalist ?

The only thing I was good at in school was English. The only career option that stuck was journalism. (Teaching never appealed). So here I am!

2-Why you took retirement from PG ?

It was time to move on!

3- Meerut me Garmi kaisi h ?

Bahut kharab! Evaporating!

4- Sabse Jyada Barf kaha Padti h ?

Jahan sabse kam garmi hoti hai... :P 

5- Are you single ?


6-Condition of journalism in India ?

Journalism is difficult anywhere. We have to leave our sentiments behind and think like a reporter all the time. 

7- Message to the puys ?

Keep rocking! All the best! Restart the IDK3 thread and enjoy!

8- When you're coming back to PG ?

Well, Wont be coming back as a team member. But PG is like my family. So Im always around if Im needed!

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  • @astha_a nyc to see you here :). 25 Jun '14.
  • @hiteshpratap nice to see you as well :stuck out tongue:.... 25 Jun '14.
Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di... 8)
Silent spectator . @miseera 15,540

@hiteshpratap nice to see you as well You've been missing on fb too