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Someone living near FMS in Delhi can go there and put up the pics tomorrow(in worst case scenario)

CATtch2011 Says
Assange, you are our only hope, please ask your agents to capture some "cables" and put the shortlist on wikileaks :D...

trying dude
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webavkumar Says
fms seniors are no good

please refrain from these kind of statements. It is not their obligation to reply to our queries , they are doing it to help us.
Really? I didn't think that was mathematically possible! This particular girl has 99.xx in I and 85.XX in II. And 98.85 overall. How a person can get 70 in one and still get 99+ overall is beyond me.

Anyway, I just remembered reading that fms in its application process had stated minimum sectionals of 50 required. Being sarkari not sure they can change it. But then I am not entirely sure of the language either.

Guess we'll find out soon enough

It is possible. I have seen some friends with this kind of sectional break up
mechengg Says
because i am mature and i respect women. and i know things can go out of hand . just because you are smart and funny does not entitle you to make fun of a lady. i am so glad the jokes have stopped.

This self proclaimed maturity and the so called "Respect" for women does not give you any moral high ground and certainly doesn't entitle you to impose yourself on others. This is a open forum and people will say whatever "they" think , not what you like or dislike. If there is any content related issue we have our moderators to look into that.
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no mail as yet..

Converts please post the profiles ...agli baar ke liye

guys do not loose your cool. You have made it this far itself is a testimony to your abilities. Take this in your stride , congrats to all the coverts .

No worries guys...Adcom guys slayer and magnicom have helped a lot. Donot vent the frustration on them. Peace.

You will get emails , if you are rejected. We will not keep any candidate in dark

Good luck !

Sir please clear some air as its growing too dark in here:grin:
Hey puys i called them too...they said 'By Today evening'

All the best..Heartbeats racing like wild!

guys its almost confirmed that the results will be out by today . So no need to call them over and over again and bug them to the point where they change their mind...:)
On a personal note I am ready for any result since its my first attempt , but SPJ has given a goal to me i.e SPJ.