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Has anyone(ppl who converted on 4th May) received a confirmation mail for the draft from NITIE?

Feels great to have an IIM convert
But, I am confused now.. Have NITIE convert as well

Hi All,

Anybody who can send the details of the offer letter please PM me.
I need to know about DD details.. In favour of? payable at??

converted PGDITM
raiyanwasi Says
why are you putting this poll up in every forum?

His waitlist no is 1.. So, he wants at least one person to say no to IIM A... NOM...

Waitlist 34... Chances of convert???

lol... i am this yr's passed out from IMTG and i know all d micro-details of my batch.. u shud better start knowing from ur friends at IMT rather dan hitting google search..

well i am not saying anyone here to be pessimistic.. just take informed decision.. if u really believe in director's interview or TOI data then u are not fit for MBA..

Can you please throw some light on your specialization at IMT, I mean F/T or Finance or IT...

What time is the result expected tomorrow??


As per lasy year, it was like this:
PGPM - 638
PGPHR - 1175
PGPIM - 1182

This year, due to FMS, IITs joining CAT; and somewhat increase in seats for new IIMs (if some candaidates opt for them over IIM), there is a chance for your rank of 1271 to convert IM.

However, it cannot be predicted exactly. The best thing would be to wait till new IIMs results which may be out in first week of May and then go for resignation. Also, check if you resign now; will you be allowed to take it back after 2 weeks if needed. In case, you do not get a convert; you may be allowed to take back your resignation.

Are these merit rank or waitlist no??

@Seniors- Any prediction for 2nd waitlist movement for PGDITM??