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Best of luck for the results. I am posting some pictures of the Dormitory at AIM.

AIM MBA - A Management Portal: Asian Institute of Management Dormitory

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good one

AIM MBA - A Management Portal: AIM Manila

do read the GD/PI experience..
AIM MBA - A Management Portal: AIM GD/PI Experince

One more thing while sending the form. Please make sure the essay is true and properly written. the interviewers read the essay and ask random question about it in your interview.
Also when you give AIMAT exam, you need to write essay .. they match with your essays at application.
can anyone tell the recommendation letter part?... the recommender has to fill the recommendation form then we have to sign put the form in the envelope provided by the AIM , and he has to seal and sign it across the flap, am I correct?

The recommendation letter will get folded since the envelope is too small. Will that be a problem?

yes that is correct. The folding is not a problem.

cohort 7 has arrived..
welcome guys..

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neakaushal Says
does anybody has any idea related to placements in AIM??

placements have'nt started for our cohort. It will starting from the career fair in Singapore this September.
hopefully it shld be better then previous year.

Hi Guys,

already ready to come here. I will be in Bangalore this July. Will give my number soon.

AIM's green team featured here :)

Asia?s green MBAs: Teaching sustainability in business | Top MBA


Thanks so much!

I understand you are a student of the current batch at AIM..

Were you a part of the ISEP?

Can you please elaborate a bit on your experience at AIM? And some information on this year's placements.

Thanks once again!

No I am not going for ISEP.
The electives at 4th and 5th sem are good.
The experience is good so far.
placement has yet to start.
Thanks ankur25nov...

One more question..

How many semesters do we have at AIM and what is the duration of each? And ISEP takes place in which semester?

Thanks once again!!

Isep is in 4th and 5th semester.. usually after September ..

As promised I am posting some documents about AIM.

It will be helpful for people coming here

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Hi All,

Congratulations on R2 admits,
next step is to get PCC and the attestation

Will share my bangalore experience here..

AIM MBA - A Management Portal: pcc

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