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Abhiroy - Please read the email sent carefully! It is the first page of your call letter and it states that the printed copy with all instructions has been mailed to your postal address. This has been done as you would have chosen ITM as a school to where your scores from MAT would be sent along with your past academic record. The PGDM Admission Process in ITM has been consistent for the last 2 decades and I would urge you not to be judgmental so soon. The GDPI's happen at multiple locations effective last week of February keeping in mind the Graduation and Engineering Examination schedules of various state universities and the huge number of students who apply. And put your overall thought in context, not every one who comes is going to selected. As far as refund rules apply, we are governed by AICTE and follow their stipulated rules. As far as your comment on the counselor who was probably unable to help you to your level expected, I will look into it and do the needful.
You can write to me on if you need any further assistance.
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Nah! Just one common form for the ITM PGDM iConnect 2012! Dude read the details on the website!

Dat's okay! I see no reason why you should not be called for the GD/PI, unless you have not yet applied! Please make sure you send in your documents and details to the admissions office on time and you will be scheduled.

BTW have you checked out the Bangalore campus pics? Its been recently renovated. See the picassa link on the footer f our website!
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Check post #163 on page 17!

I have responded to you query already?
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Hye 1811

Like the Numeric ID

With your MAT Score you are definitely eligible to apply. It would also help if you give in your 12th & Grad Scores and the Grad College Study Profile.

We use a composite marking system where we select you on multiple parameters - this ensures that even if you have a slightly low score in one of the components, you can give it your best shot with the others like GD & PI scores.

Call us on our toll free number and if you happen to be in any of the cities where we have our student counseling centers - drop in, will be happy to chat!

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Mr. Rahul Tiwari -

Thank you for replying back to students and fellow aspirants on the thread. But please be advised that this is "An Official Counseling Thread" managed by the PGDM iConnect Admissions Team.

Swati Mathur is the nominated ITM Counselor to answer all queries.

Please do not take the liberty to answer on behalf of ITM.

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rahultiwari19 Says
scholarship details will be told to you after ur selection in the final round.
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Shaishav Amrut Solanki, is the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore's first author - could very well be the first on-campus author among all IIMs. Having just released a book few days ago, the young author is all
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hey couldn't find the book @ Crosword in Bombay ya!!!! Any idea where is it available?

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  • have taken admission in marketing ITM business school nav.... 11 Apr '13.
Akash Pandey @Akash_ITM 6
have taken admission in marketing ITM business school navi mumbai any suggestion how to work it out.
Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Welcome to the second edition of the B-school Shutterbug Photography contest! _ Clicked by *Abhijeet Singh* at the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad campus.__ One of the winners of last year's (2010
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When are the results gonna be declared?


This is the third time i am posting a request to close the thread of ITM GLC & ITM IFM PGDM 2010-12 Official Counselor. (created by me)

This thread is not active.

I am planning to start a new thread for 2012 admissions. so please close this thread.