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Hi all the call getters...
me 2 in..

But my call date 24th Feb clashes with IITM call.

Please tell me how to change my date/venue.

I have been calling to IMI. But seems there is nobody to attend.

Seniors, plz respond...

Hi Puys at hyd, n IIFT call getters, plz lemme know abt ur meets and count me in. im 4m hyd working in orissa. I wanna join some GDPI classes in hyd. c u. looking forward to meet u all have some GDs and PI practice sessions. Regards Ashok

Hello guys n gaals, This is Ashok. I m a gr8 fan of this community. I really luv spending hours roaming here and there thru these forums. Thanks one and all 4 ur contributions. BTW, i confess that im lazy crab. I have been going thru these forums for the last 6 months. But fortunately or unfortunately this is my first post. Some body told no, "Better late than never".. So im here. yeaaahhhhh, im coming.. sheeeaaaarrrsssshhhhhh.. Ashok. PS: hey any would be IIFTians, i got a call. Im planning 2 join GDPI classes in hyd. what abt other call getters of Hyd.