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If you think in two years time your package will be revised to at least 11 LPA and within the subsequent 5 years if you can visualize yourself in a senior Mgmt position like a Head of Software Devpt or something similar, you do not need MBA :-)

Dude, the MBA will enable you to get the skill set to get to senior mgmt positions and climb higher! Hope you get my drift. At least that is my understanding before getting into the course. No offense!!

hey harsh,

Many b-schools are adopting IPRS standard for displaying their placement stats. They clearly mention the fixed salary offered to students along with the MEP.
This brings about a transparency to the entire process as there are many institutes that inflate their placement figures by considering the variable component(bonus) to be maximum.
Also many organisations charge the employee for the office space, phone bill, petrol, PF etc which is also added to the salary which reduces the in-hand salary.
Therefore, it would be helpful if you could mention the mean fixed salary of your batch...

Dear Aspirant,

I do not think it is wise to trust the credentials of as reputed an institute as SIMSREE!! Also, I believe an opportunity to study in institutes like JB & SIMSREE should be less dictated by issues like these. No doubt, average starting salaries do matter a lot, but the standard of learning imparted, industry exposure, strong alumni network should matter much more! What heights of success we achieve later is solely dependent on the individual.

It is my personal opinion and I do not wish to get into any argument! I suggest you get in touch with current / ex-students privately to get this information you seek as they clearly seem uncomfortable sharing the same on a public forum.
well....most OMS students are from CET, not much from CAT and MAT !!!
So, since CET was a lil tough, cut offs will come down for people who apply through CET but not the percentiles cut offs.

So, 18 seats and so many xams...CET, MAT, CMAT (& CAT, XAT, GMAT too)...according to me, the %ile cutoffs will go up (coz CET was tougher but other xams were the same and DTE converts the %ile in the ratio 1:1)

Well, as far as my understanding of the DTE 2012 Broucher goes, XAT, MAT have clearly lost favor with DTE and will not be considered for this session! No specific mention of GMAT either. Please correct me, if I'm wrong!! For OMS, CET, CMAT & CAT are, supposedly, the only gateways.

Also, I know for a fact that DTE was in the process of working out a formula to accomodate / equate CMAT/CAT with CET. How far is that a fact! Do you have any idea of the new guidelines, if any??

With CET being tough, scores as also number of CET OMS cadidates would come down. CAT 99.9+ percentilers would convert at any of ABCL. So, it is my guess that this year CMAT toppers would dominate the OMS list at JB / SIMSREE. Would appriciate your input on the same. Thanks again.
ajinkya1989 Says
As far as I remember, it was 167/240. His %ile was 99.90.

Hi Ajinkya,

I think that's going to change a bit! I believe, cut-off percentiles for OMS were high because of MAT and not CAT!! Most CAT 99.9+ Percentilers get IIM-ABCL, I suppose. Will you please throw light on the number of OMS who got in through CAT and their scores??

With CMAT coming in place of MAT, we may think the dynamics won't change on the whole! But MAT was an established / known platform to get into JB. CMAT was a new kid on the block and the many good scorers have not appeared for CET, which was mandatory and not so-well-publicised! Did MATters too have to appear for CET??

I think all JB aspirants would appreciate if you could kindly go through the google spreadsheet and opine. I understand that the endeavour would not serve any productive purpose:grin: but would surely aid all your prospective juniors to acieve some speculative gratification and strike off one more anxious day off the calender.:biggrin: Thanks a lot!!!
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My brother forgot to get his documents verified at the ARC. He is in delhi now. Can something be done now?
The phone nos. of DTE and his ARC center(KJ Somaiya) are never picked up by anyone. I can send the original documents as well and ready to pay if any way is there.

Hi Man,

ARC Centres had to dedicate staff and facilities (including a helpline) for the verification process. I doubt whether any centre will be willing to extend the same. Also, being present in person was also a pre-condition. So, I believe you won't be in position to bail your bro out...!! However, if you're in Bombay, you may visit Sydenham (besides Churchgate Stn.) and make enquiries. And that too tomorrow itself. Best of Luck

Guys share this link with others..:)

As per newspaper reports after CMAT Results, there were 7 people in the top 20 from Bombay / Maharashtra! Guesstimating, there are around 15 in the Top 40! 20 in top 50 and so on!! But this google document shows just 5 are interested to join JBIMS!! Why aren't the others willing?? Hve they converted anyhere else or are they just not active on PG?? The Lady who had topped amongst girls (rank ?42/?43) had said in an inter

view that she would not even apply this year and would try for IIMs next year!! I encountered one OMS individual on PG who's out of the race for JB since he's converted FMS!

With little to do in this nerve-wracking wait till 16th June, What else can one do???

My CMAT score is 287 and AIR 47. I have no other converts as of now. I intend to go into JBIMS / SIMSREE, whatever is available. I have also applied to PGDM at Welingker as backup Hope to gather info about people scoring better than me on this thread so that I get an idea on my chances into JB/SIMSREE!!

Thanks a lot.

I am an OMS candidate applying thru CMAT.

Cmat rank : 26 (arnd 99.94 percentile equivalent to 137 marks in CET,a speculation)
par : 4/4
work ex marks : 1 (i guess)

Total : 142/206

GD was fine but PI was bad (My center was KJ somaiya)

What is the expected cut off for JBIMS this year(OMS)???

Hi Vivek!

About 50% of all CMAT takers had not appeared for Maha-CET. So that makes your rank 13. There are not many OMS CET 99.9 percentilers, 2-4 at most. I think your rank is sure to get you into the coveted hall ways of JBIMS.

KJ Somaiya is rumoured to be a bad evaluater and stingy to allot marks in the GD/PI process. Even with an average GD/PI, I'm sure you'll score about 30/40, which is more than sufficient for you to hold on to your envious position. All the very best. This is my take and an optimistic assesment of the scenario!! Hope for the best.
Printout of the Score card will attestation required.
Write your roll no and mention it to be Roll no on proforma instead of the Application no in Proforma I.

Please keep your login ID and password handy. They will log-in and verify the CMAT result online.
vishal89 Says
i have got 99.95 in MHTCET and CMAT rank 56 .. I am not sure about the admission procedure.. Can i apply through both ? And during the CAP rounds how will the allotment be done if application through both is possible ? Please help

Dear Vishal,

Why don't you furnish both the details on your application?? Let DTE decide which score to consider after whatever formula they come up with for standardization!! Rest assured, only your best score would be considered. Are you OMS candidate?? I think your percentile in MAH-CET almost ensures you a place in JBIMS. I think its perfectly safe to apply only with your MAH-CET score! All the best for your GD/PI and subsequent admissioins!!