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thnx shreyas


I had a doubt.I have lost my postal receipt.
Will it hinder my ARC verification process..
What should i do?

Pls reply asap.


can we send latest salary slip instead of a work ex certi?


Regarding the work ex certificate:-

1) Do we need to attest the xerox.
If in case we dont do that ,will they reject the work ex?

2) In case the company does not provide the work ex certificate,
will the last month's salary slip work?


Query: If the Upload Document Tab has a red dot and has not turned green even after uploading the file, what is to be done?
Answer: Don't worry. If you can see that your annexure has been uploaded, then just click on the 'Save & Continue' button and proceed ahead.

Proceed ahead ? do we have anything else?

After uploading and there anything else that is required ?

Shashank Prabhu @shashank3012
With almost all the biggies done, one of the tests which attracts many of the test takers is the Maharashtra MBA/MMS CET which is to be conducted on the 27th of February 2011. The test is required for an admit into few o
Ashish Bhat @ashish_vj

Hi All .. Is the date of exam confirmed..27th Feb(as is mentioned in the post) ?

Thanx for ur earlier responses...

With over a month and a half in my xam...what shd be the way to study ..give large number of mocks only ...or say 2 mocks a week
would do ...considering my scores have not been good enough..


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Hi Sir..

My area of concern is that my mock scores are not good enough...
which has lowered my confidence a lot...As a result i feel this will be
a big drawback when i appear for CAT..
What should be the best way to boost confidence..


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It was indeed a great one...We should have these meets atleast once in a month if not more..Felt grt after meeting the people who have ripped apart CAT...Grt work people,