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Mehul2 Says
Whats ur core rank and are tou going to join CM??

Core rank 623....
Havent decided if i ll join CM...
where s the list man???

can somebody post the link

no list acc. to what i know..just got a mail..
sc@rf@ce Says
converted core! ( got the email )

what was your core rank??

received an offer for admission for CM specialization today...

Capital Mkts rank was 401...

So there must be some core movement also...

M in...all the best guys :))))

practically, it hardly matters whether we know our result now or late at night...

But hell man....i want to know it now :(...

all the best puys :cheerio:

mokshasharma Says
wat is d concept of spot offers in sp jain? did ne puy get it as of nw?

I dont think they give spot offers nowadays...
if at all they give, its only for those candidates who they feel will convert IIM -A,B ,C type colleges...(this is what i know)
dob 07/06/1988
someone pls tell me if i am selected or not and the date for gdpi if selected.. site not opening..

NMAT_ID: 11019848
NAME: Smit Shah
Short listed for GD/PI of FTMBA

Marks Obtained938695217

Congrats bro
piyushtcc Says
interview date 8th march !!!!!!!!

no percentile or rank provided... :(
how are we suppose to know our chances of converting the call???I mean, they give 70% weightage to score, atleast we should know where we stand before the interview..
going to mumbai is a costly affair...

another way for NMIMS to make money...
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Dav Says
not working for me as well.

Here's the link...try again
it's opening in chrome and IE..
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