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But doesn't ur last point contradict ur first point. As in 7 dys frm now i will be getting material for derivative module (for which i have paid) but if i enroll for some other course ... then what about the material for this course? Of-course they won't send me material for 2 modules.
Are you sure that one can book for diff module after paying money for some other module?

yep.. u r right sorry abt that... i had taken it up some one yr back.. So i don't remember... Maybe because I paid for 4 modules together, I could select which exam I wanted to enroll for (among the 4 that is). I guess someone else who has registered for an exam recently can give better info..
Hi frnds

Just now i deopsited Rs 1500 in nse's account for NSE certification and chose derivative module. But still haven't booked the exam date. So, even without booking the exam date will I receive the material for the same module within 7 days from now on?

As when i am clicking on ' Enrollment for a Test' it is showing me that i can enroll for any module but while payment i mentioned derivative module. So why is this discrepancy?
Do i need to again choose a module first for enrollment and after fixing the date only i will get the material, is it?

So much confusion. :P

Thnx in adv

You will get the material if you just pay the amount. They won't wait till you book an exam date to courier the material to you. Atleast last year that was the case. I paid for four exams together and got the material for all the 4 exams. I took one of them some 3 months later only. Anyways most of the material are available on their site.

You are asked to select the exam initially only to find out how much fees you need to pay. If there is another module which requires the same fees you can select that exam when you enroll for the test. You have Rs X in your account and you can use it to enroll for any test which costs
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@Ashish: Do you have any information as per how soon will the shortlist be out ? As IIM I website has no updates what-so-ever...

sorry guys.. i am back home now... but i will definitely pass on any information that i can get..

All the best guys for getting a shortlist from IIM I

i've gone into sleep mode ever since my course ended... really worried now if i will be able to cover the entire portion

Allwin Agnel @pagalguy
_By continuing with slot placement processes, business schools are doing more harm than good to their students' careers and keeping them from finding 'that one' job, writes *Allwin Agnel, CEO of and Wharton

This article would have deserved appreciation if it had been posted before IIM A came up with its new system of placements

CFA Institute is scaring me with their warnings regarding the India centre! i wonder why they had to give 5 centres in India as options if they were so doubtful..

I will be taking the Securities Market Basic Module. Can anyone tell me if they allow us to use the windows calculator during the exam, as I don't have a scientific calculator which is needed for some questions like present/future value etc.

If I have to buy a scientific calculator, which is best suited for financial calculations? Any preferred brand? How much does it cost?

yes.. u can use the windows calculator during the exam. You can take your own calculator too. But buying a financial calculator is definitely not worth it for this exam. It will cost you 2K... the TI BA II Plus.
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Well I have started with 'Equity'. It is a build up on level 1. The basic concepts are the same. In other words a detailed version of what we had in level 1.

I'm doing Schweser first this time since I've covered most of the L2 syllabus in my 2nd yr fin electives. I have completed the first 2 readings in Quants. Will complete the third and last reading in Quants next and then proceed in the same order as given in Schweser..
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PROVISIONAL PERMISSION TO HOLD EXAMS IN INDIA GRANTED. Exams in Mumbai, Kolkata & Delhi. Rock On Guys.... Test Centre ka tension khatam....

also.. bangalore and chennai... so 5 test centres in India itself.. which is the best thing we could have hoped for