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Hi Ravi/Ajay

I had my GD/PI on the 30th of Jan, 8 AM slot.

At the time of verification of marksheets, there was some confusion regarding my marks in the final semester. I am not sure whether any citation was required, in the sense I was carrying my original marksheets, and I had filled in the marks less than what they actually were. Please let me know if any documents or anything is required.

My id-RP66CG

zak1984 Says
can anyone suggest me a good book to refer for DI and LR

I would suggest the following books

1. Quantitative Aptitude for MBA- Abhijit Guha
2. Arun Sharma -- Both for DI & Quant
3. Pearson Guide for Quant---Sinha

And this is strictly per indivudual basis
R.S.Aggarwal....---I think its a pretty good book for quant....

Finally best to pick one book and do it thoroughly......

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E.T. - It is said that ET's face was inspired by these people.

@ash: both incorrect.

Bang on target...

And tough luck to me
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My father once told me to never stop dreaming. 'The moment u stop dreaming u stop living' he reiterated his statement. You cease being urselves...Dreams r what drives the society..dreams r what churns out extra ordinary men from the league of ordinary ones.

My extended family is over flowing with doctors, engineers, lecturers...the most common career choices during the times of the 70s. We dont have an MBA amongst us. Well...who wud mind being the 1st one. I dreamt of doing an MBA right from the start of my engineering days. I still dont know how many papers i flunked in during my Engg a consequence was one of the few NITIANs from Nagpur who passed out albeit without the proverbial flying colors. Now all engineers i suppose here can relate to the agony, angst, disappointment u feel wen u have attended so many placement parties ..rather uncountable numbers of it being throw during the placement days...getting :drinking:and all ...and then those senti moments...still feel like doing a second stint at VNIT Nagpur. But the happiness or the lack of it at not having thrown one for ur frnds is something that will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. Its hard believe me to have not been on the other side of the spectrum. But anyways life has to move on..and thats the best part of life. I was idle for a year..did not take up a job..was never interested with the IT thing...did tried one exam with SAIL ... got anything but a call from them.

Then it was the moment of enlightenment. I had always thot of doing an MBA..suddenly this looked like the best time to start working towards it. Surprisingly even in moments of such low....miracles do work out. I suppose its all in the mind...if u want u can be happy and gay even in times of despair..u can get that feeling. The Mind is a beautiful thing...its something which perennially gives out +ve vibes...if u let it do

We started out in a group of three. A little word on the rest two.Both of them were batch mates of my school days. One dude left his content writing job based in delhi to come back home and write CAT...another one was a fresher from IIT Kanpur..he he...he too managed to not find a job...a decent one that is...he worked for some IT firm..chucked it..came back home. Isnt it surprising that how different people at some phases of their life can be thinking of things so similar. Well none of us ever thot..that this was how we wud be seeing each other after 5/6 odd years. Destiny is some times beyond the comprehension of mortal homosapiens.

Anyways after the fun of getting back we started our prep. Went to a different city to take the mock cats. Did well....with our studies..but the killer instinct was never there. The scores were a testimony to the same. All of us hovering around 85 - 90 . It was a bad way to prepare for CAT. We hardly analyzed our FLTs or for matter the mock cats. We only tested ourselves..never cared to learn from our mistakes.

The D day was sooner than we cud have ever anticipated it. Off to -The City of Joy - for the CAT. Now this was a turn destiny never took in its all previous instances of CAT. Any guesses . The ugly paper leak of the CAT 2003. As a matter of fact I did not too well with it either. So at the end of the day I was more happy than sad :wow:. Mahip i never knew we were in the same boats..:) Retest but the outcome wasent much different. CAT teaches you to be sensible and practical with ur aspirations and desires.

I managed to get into IIFM,Bhopal.I was weeping inside..I did not want to get into IIFM. It was offering a PGD in Forestry Management. Where did the likes of finance,system,marketing ....fade into. The agony was very forcibly pushed to oblivion....albeit with much difficulty. My parents asked me to get into it. I passed out of my engg college...ended up without a job. Now I suppose i had to listen to them. Get practical...That was what my Dad said. I was a 5 point someone during the entirety of my IIFM days. Still taking breaks and running off to the the famous sunset point in our campus...looked into the horizon..and thot if I cud ever get into the hallowed portals of the IIMs. I was sadly living a parallel existence i wud better not live in the 1st place.I guess something was better in store for me. Got picked up in campus. AN NGO based in chennai...on issues of child education...worked in hyderabad..for some time...finally got relocated to delhi...worked for some time. But all of this time was feeling terribly awkward about the nature of job I was doing and what cud be the possible outcome of it 5 years down the line. Then it finally had to some day...I knew it was coming...and then it finally surfaced....


Chucked job..six months into it. decided it was all to much. I had to take control of my life...MY WAY....

What followed were the best days of my life. Getting up at 10 o' clock. Picking up my bike..going for a short drag...hey cn u do that in Delhi...jokes..:)
Coming back..switching on the TV...getting glued to back to back movies on it...breaking only to find food or the loo. Sleeping was a non existing entity...and then I realized...If u r happy..u can cut down on the hours of sleep.

Realization...Its May now....CAT DREAMS....
Started logging into PG..some times peeping into the shout box too...was spending more time on SB explaining puys that there was nothing anything particular behind my pg nickname.. LOLz

June starts today..Have prepared in bits and parts..rather in un anticipated bursts...Have got serious now....regularly opening up the subscribed threads..and posting...sometimes...I joined PG in Dec 2005..i guess...during my IIFM 1st post came up in May thats some time.

So i guess...i am jobless now...i can still find a job...i still have offers with me...but I want to get into IIMz. Its been a long and an unrealized dream. Maybe this is the last time. Maybe I wont have the time/will/energy after this attempt. Cant stay long without a job for long. Have to justify my potentials..have to achieve my dreams...have to crack CAT 2007 :snipersm:

Sorry If i bored u

Loved the bit where you chuck your job after the 2nd enlightenment.....
Hope you make it this year......

Hmmm coming to the question...Why will I write cat 2007??? Why, Why why...

Coz that's what i do every year...

I know should be posted on the PJ thread than here
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hmmm... a couple of qs from my side:

1. Identify the lady: link

2. X is a village in West Bengal and most famously known for a peasant uprising that took place here in 1967. The uprising was led by Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal and the movement thus born derives its name from X. Identify X.

3. The SLLA was formed as the 'in-world' military wing of a national liberation movement. Its objective is to foment a 'democratic revolution' to oppose the present authoritarian government. From its website:

The SLLA will conduct a political and military campaign to ensure its demands are met and rights are established.

The SLLA's demands are simple:
The establishment of basic political 'rights'.

The SLLA will not seek to harm the normal operation of the world.

Identify SLLA.

4. X is a state sponsored civil militia used to counter Naxalism in Chattisgarh. It has polarized public opinion due to its alleged role in tribal killings. Identify X.

1. Aishwarya Rai (Guessing blind)
2. Champaran
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Connect : Ernest Hemmingway, Albert Einstein and Carl Sandburg.....

And for all connect lovers, here's a really good one

1. Whitesnake
2. 'Pelican'
3. Frank Zappa
4. Karate Kid
5. Van Halen

This is a bit tough....

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Just a quote that I remebered:D

Optimists see only the green light, Pessimists see only the red light, while truly wise persons are colour blind



Wonderful...Wickedly Witty

Thou hast blinded me and opened my eyes
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You can join in the fun(if at all it is that) anytime, the more the merrier....

My whole point is that its not necessary that if I dont think I can, I simply should not try....
On the contrary I believe I should try my best, my thinking that I cannot get through should have no effect on I trying my best....Ok I know its getting a bit muddled, I guess you my friend will also have to walk down the corridors of some MBA college for me to somehow convince you of miraculous powers of pessimism.... the power it has to set you free, set you free of all worries

Dont be too optimistic bout that

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To add to Jyotsna's and Abhi's argument, I would say that though u might think that u are right positive frame of mind doesn't win u the battle.

The battle is won by intelligence and hard work. But unless u have the positive frame of mind to do the hard work and apply ur intelligence u can never succeed.

U have tried 3 years with hard work and negative framework of mind. U had won half the battle each time.
Try this time with positive thinking and hard work. U will not fail. U will win the complete war. Bcaz as the saying goes half the battle is won by positive mind.

All the best

Hmmm I can see I am pitted against a tide of positivity here! Will be tough to convince ppl I suppose......Never mind, perhaps sometime next year we might be walking down the corridors of some MBA college together, and then perhaps I might have a better chance of convincing you....I am positive I can convince you about pessimism.......

And I thank you for your sincere wishes, best of luck to you too....Hope you crack the Cat...
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jyotsna07 Says
suit yourself!!!

Will do!!!!

Its all in good faith, I am not for a moment suggesting its a particularly nice philosophy, in fact as you quite aptly christened it, it's pathetic!!!!!
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