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Its "6 or 7" in the words of the assistant registrar. Exactly, what happened is, I asked when I was going to get the refund money. So the Registrar said that "6 or 7 people have also applied recently" and that they were going through the formalities etc.But I am not sure whether this has any bearing upon the second list. Hence, the best thing would be to call up the office to confirm.

I dont know about the second list but some 6 7 people have withdrawn recently according to the assistant registrar (I had called him up to inquire about refund ).

I submitted a request for refund on 23rd. I am withdrawing from VGSOM to join IIFT-K.
Hopefully, it will cheer up someone!!

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JMET Registration Number - 605309, CONGRATULATIONS ! MaskaraRajiv
JMET Registration Number - 360124, CONGRATULATIONS ! GroverJatin
JMET Registration Number - 601654, CONGRATULATIONS ! PaniSeeona
JMET Registration Number - 807124, CONGRATULATIONS ! TulsyanAnkur
JMET Registration Number - 703680, CONGRATULATIONS ! V.N.KSivasubramanian

@ the following numbers

Thanks for the info...............

Please check my result---------------


Myn shows Waitlisted for imt-g not for imt-n......
Seniors plz throw som lit on this and tell all doubts on waitlist funda.....

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Can I know the rank of my waitlist?
Upto how much waitlist rank can get converted?????

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Xth % : 88.7
XIIth % :88.89
B.Tech in Electronics n Instru CG : 8.69 (till 7th sem)
Achievements : National scholarship, state and regional level awards etc,

Call : Finance
Centre : Kolkata

GI - 1

Panelists : 4 (1 alumni, 2 ladies and a student)
students : 8 ( 4 finance confirmed, rest dont rem )

Panelists introduced themselves then asked us to discuss on the topic "potrayal of women in media" for abt 10 mins.
GD was pretty decent with everyone contributing. people who were nt able to speak were asked by the alumni to say something.
Introductions were asked for which were to include graduation, interests, aspirations (y MBA?) and "nething about urself that u want to share with us" (in the words of one of the panelists).
Questions were asked on the basis of the introduction. One of the guys was from TATA motors, so a discussion on NANO came up i.e. the business and environmental aspects of it. I was asked to comment upon the innovation other dan business.
Basically they wanted to see how focussed you are and ur flow of opinions.
PS: not meant to offend ne1 , but i personally felt that harping too much on social values, morality, ethics etc work against the person's favour.

results: 3 out of 8 selected. all three from finance.

I had to wait fr 3 hrs 4 d next GI. By the time I was called my brain was sending SOS signals

GI - 2

Panelists : 3 ( one very old man who was silent and d most observant, faculty who asked most of the questions and alumni perhaps who asked the final 2 questions)

Students : 8 (again 4 confirmed finance rest dont remember)

As we entered we wer asked how had we prepared for the GI and PG came into discussion. Faculty said the procedure and questions are all there on PG as it gets very difficult for us to be innovative every tym. Asked us if we felt that there sud be extra credits for ppl who kick of the season i.e with no back up info on PG . there was some discussion about this.
Then comes the "real interview"
1. From the 5 distinct facst u have written select one and tell us why sud we select u?
2. Name one weakness and how u deal with it
3. Wat makes u angry and how do u deal with it.
4. who do u think is going to come at the centre in the forthcoming w.r.t the elections.
5. Coalition politics and hung parliaments are a wasteg of money. do u think we sud opt for a presidentship lyk america.
question form alumni
1. who is more important: leader or follower? he specified that we hav to choose one.
2. given a situation which is the one to deal with which u wud hate the most - conflict, chaos or crisis.

I said leader and crisis (which wud prove to b my nemesis, i guess )
I didnt realise wat the implication of the question was :(

All this while the old man was jotting down something on his writing pad and after every answer he used to put a tick a dash or a circle encircling a dash. How i noticed? i was sitting closest to him n due to some reason my eyes never left his pen movements like an eager student waitin wen the teacher is handing down grades.
All thru the second GI was cut short for most answers while most were allowed to go on :(
Seems like the end of the road fr me.

Bol for the next round of interviews.:D

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Sorry if m using the wrong thread to ask this.
(i) Should we start off with our names while introducing ourselves?
(ii) Will the intro be addressed only to the panel or to the entire group?
(iii) I have recently appeared for a certification exam which i hadnt mentioned in my profile sheet. Can i mention the fact or make any change sin the profile sheet now?

thank you

SPJain is my biggest hope of the season. seniors and friends, plz give me a thorough run-down of how i sud b preparing and wat r the must-have requirements for a convert? I had applied for finance. Is there a need to study som specific stuff for finance that myt b asked?