• Arun Kumar
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Many congrats to all those who have converted it today..... yo....
Let's have a rocking batch SIOM 2011-13,
See you all at the campus..

PS : Special congrats to Arun Kumar, bhai ab to tension door hua, mein bol raha tha you are in for sure from the very beginning, I know you faced a tough time, but no more bro yo............. we were travel mates few days back and now we are batchmates, very happy for you..:cheerio:

Cheers !!

thanks a lot bro.thanks fer d support all d way..sure we'll rock at SIOM these 2 yrs...:cheerio:
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the list has been officially put up on the site

21 WL candidates(GENERAL) have converted..CONGRATS
see you all on the 6th of june..
Got the offer letter via mail....:drinking:

see you guys on 5th of june...:cheers:

the mail is titled Admissions Admissions dont pass it as spam ... I almost did

yeah dude...same happened wid me,almost deleted it...

so u were on WL 11 rite?i wonder how many have got their confirmation this time has not been put up on the site officially
Whats happening with the list???
Whats the new date now?? Seniors could u plz help...??

List has not been put up yet...but i got my confirmation mail from SIOM around 5.50 PM..i guess they are jus gonna mail selected candidates hereafter or maybe its takin time to reflect on d site..anyways m in...
joining fer sure..

ATB to u
Swati2308 Says
Hey is the list going to be out today?

when the list will come out ??
when i called clg officials , they said on 16 th the one more list will be out ,
why so grt test of our temperament !!!!

seniors plz help !!!!!!!1

hey just now called SIOM..list will be out today and will be put up on the site around 3 or 4 pm...

it was supposed to be out yesterday but they had technical difficulties it seems..ATB

called them jus clear cut info on waitlist..they told 2 call on monday...only then we'll know if theres another list...waiting continues:drinking:

Congrats to all SELECTED/WAITLISTED candidates...:)

ATB to those yet to check their results:thumbsup:

As fer me,its d end of the road..BYE BYE BIM dream and bye bye BIM thread..

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avinaba88 Says
where can one find the link in the bim home page?

its under athanaeum
have to tilt ur head 90 degrees to d left though
its under admissions der
avinaba88 Says
did anyone get rejected or wait listed?

Yes i am rejected...and 2 of my friends of them has been waitlisted..watta heartbreak!!!

BIM Result

P.S-its under admissions bar given in the CRESCITA tab...

And this time it doesn show the 2010-2012 mistake...dunno if they uploading it but the link is up in BIM page..
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