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Many HaPpY Returns of the day DOST!!!!!

Keep on Rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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may all your wishes come true this year....rock on!!!

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hi Anil

Happy BDay...ANd All the best for everything!!!

wish u a gr8 yr ahead...MHROTD.....

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Good Morning Sir!
I stopped watching them long time back :)

Watch Ashes much better cricket being played ...there is nothing to watch in indian team..for once i wanted them to get all out under 50
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Hi Rohit,

is bacche :wink: ki taraf se bhi janamdin ki hardik shubkamnaye

:smile: Wish u a vry vry !!! :smile:

And All the Best for everything!!!!


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Oxymoron Says
Guess junta hooked to NDTV couldnt have missed the Avenger ad from Bajaj.....thought the execution of the ad and the synchronization of the music was brilliant to say the least! And yes an extremely impressive catchline to match, this ad is one of the few creative ones around!:thumbsup:

ya that add is awesome..great picturisation..great music...those black and white frames....perfect blend of everything...Its common on sports channel too....while watching that add "I feel Like GOD"
Let's get down to some serious discussion.

Q119) My answer to this q will be 2.

Can anyone tell me how statement A is true. GK, we know that Issac Asimov's "Three Rules of Robotics" is fictional, but where in the passage is it mentioned that there are no such rules in the field of robotics. A fictional book can always refer to some real law(s) Can it not ? Anyone not familiar with Asimov & Co can't generalize that there are no such rules in the field of Robotics.

even i marked 3 ...was very confused by this one

Q122) My answer will be none of these. 2nd best answer will be 3, but 2.. I doubt!

here too i marked 3...they are talking abt human nature and that is more reflected in 3

Q123) Answer given is 1. But tell me why not 3 ?
Clarifications required here please...

this i got right
actually if u cud refer to passage this line is close to some indian struggle for independence so these were harsh realities...

And now to my favourite question in this Mock.

Q142) Answer given is 2. My take's on 3

The 'key' says that it is quite logical to conclude that the best strategy for the government would be to allow the private sector to build infrastructure and collect toll from the public. The key further says option 3 is ruled out coz the govt will be still paying for the infra.
But in this case they are actually collecting money from the public, so the pressure on the govt will be lower and further more infrastructure, railways, irrigation these are and should be under the basic administration of the central government.

Clarifications required here please.

same problem with me ...even i marked 3....when private players can extract toll tax why cant govt do it...that shd be next logical step before going to private players

Q160 - 165 were pretty tough and the best strategy should have been to leave them unattempted.


i got 4 out of 6 right ..though found the choices very close and confusing
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Natasha Says
so go ahead loot lo

Abe kya lootne ki bat ho rahi hai yahan
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Happy BDay Variable ji...have a blast..and rock on!!!


and Best of Luck for everything!!!

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Hi again,

Here is the quiz 4 2nyt...

7. Which country has the highest Christian population in the world? (In terms of no. of people and not percentage or anything else)

9. If 9/11 is related to the US n 7/7 to the UK, what is 3/11 related to?

Rite then, more questions tomm; For the moment, answer these...


7.maybe America

9.Madrid train blasts
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