• Arpit Singh
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OA: 206  QS:86, LS:60, LR:60

What was LR cut off last year?

  • 61. 18h.
  • just to kinow that if one appears thrice and reach each s.... 10h.
Ameeta Vaidya @dagdi 3

just to kinow that if one appears thrice and reach each sectional cutoff in three different slot will they consider or in one slot one has to reach all sec cutoffs

Hi, Is there anyone from Chandigarh who's still preparing for GMAT and willing to form a study group?

Nmat 1- QA: 76, LS: 56, LR: 62 , OA: 194
Nmat-2- QA: 80 LS: 54, LR:64 , OA: 198

Any chances for banglore campus?

@zeus0390 Wats the OA? Is it A?

this is XAT-2008 peoblem.
The Triangle formed by joining 3 points A,B,C the length will sq. root 10,sq. root 10 and 2 and height of triangle will be 3, the circle will be circum circle passing thru these 3 points. So apply formula
Area of triangle = abc/4R

@saikatha said:
@arpitsingh19 its okay, to submit the joining letter. at the time of gd/pi, u need to provide the latest pasyslips and other stuff.
thanks a lot... :)
I have a query regarding documents to be send along with application for nitie, for work experience do we need to submit the salary slips?? As i am at site rite now i don't have salary slips of last 3 months, but i can send initial salary slips and joining letter. Will it suffice??