• Arpit Jain
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Arpit kahan hai? Why don't we get to hear anything from him


one of the reason was, I didn't had laptop until now with me and posting from cell is very difficult(believe me )

now I have bought one so will try to keep posting here on regular intervals..

P.P.S. Where is arpit? Any update from his side??

Posting here after a very looooong time...:-P
Dint posted anything before because I dint had any good news frm my side.
Now i have one..:-)

Converted MDI PGPM finally...
So here it goes Mandevian for life now..:-)

My report card for this season stands as..
Cat-98.99%ile (i still call it 99%ile...99%iler sunne me accha lagta hai :-P )

PS: sorry for posting aftr so long..
PPS: wanted to use lot of smileys in ths post...but couldn't as i am posting this frm my cell..
Meet did not happen as Arpit backed out because of fever, so only nupur & me were ready for a meet, where is rest of myfosians :sneaky:

Next week, meet on Sunday Arpit, nupur & myself are sure starters :thumbsup:

Can we have the meet on saturday,please.:-P
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:w00t: The coolest and the MEANEST contest is back!

Ahhh!! this thread brought back some fine memories from last year's contest.

Puys, think out of the dibba and pour some LMAO types entries..:biggrin:
and word of caution: don't bore anyone here especially judges

Let's get the ball rolling!

Sorry to disappoint you all. But I didn't even had a call for GDPI from NITIE:splat:(convert ki baat to door ki :oops: )

PS: I mentioned in one of my previous posts also that NITIE was one of my dream college, was hurt badly when didn't saw my name on gdpi list, ab zakhm dobara hare ho gaye.....:splat::drinking:


Infy ka aisa effect pada hai iss balak pe ye ma'am -ma'am kya laga rakha hai har jagah :sneaky:

waise infy doesn't inculcate the culture of calling sir/ma'am ,we call each other by their names only :biggrin:

Shortlisted for FMS :grin: best call of the season
Just to remind everyone, seems people have forgot they belong to this team.
4. arpit90

I think one member (according to me) we can pardon for not being here is arpit90 because he doesn't have internet access and is slogging hard in Infy.

Jab bhi time milta hai,i always visit PG and especially this thread..
CP ma'am ne sahi bola,i don't have internet access all the time, isliye kam visit kar paata hu..:

I am done with 3 interviews(IITB,MDI,new IIMs)...all of them went just okayish....not much of great hopes...:
Left with only one gdpi of IITD..:)

Seba bhai...congrats party kaha hai

Puys, Thanks a lot for all your wishes..:D

Rahice bhai,thanks for remembering my b'day and opening this thread..:)

CP ma'am..aapki party delhi aane pe..


Rejected by NITIE at 98.99 was one of my dream college... :

shortlisted by IITD..

right now feeling too bad...:


Any tips for how to prepare for WAT process of IIM's. :)

PS:As rexx had already mentioned, got MDI call.